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Iranians have purchased 8,000 houses in the city of Izmir to obtain Turkish citizenship.

"Iranians have bought 8,000 houses in Izmir during the past ten months of the current Iranian year(started on March 21, 2018) in order to gain Turkish citizenship," said Mustafa Gholi Khosravi, head of Iranian National Property Advisers Union, during a press conference, Trend reports.

However, the Turkish government will only provide citizenship to individuals that have two documents: the first, the property document issued by the municipalities of Turkey and the second document issued after the property owner starts to reside in Turkey," he added.

The official recalled the previous property purchases in Georgia. "While Iranians rushed to buy property in Georgia, we advised our citizens to avoid transferring their capital to this country, as buying property in Georgia is banned for foreigners, including Iranians, who are not able to sell their houses in Georgia," he said.

He noted that individuals that have purchased property in Dubai, Kuwait and other cities have now lost their money. "So we strongly advice our fellow citizens to invest in Iran."

Referring to the housing market in the country he said that from the start of the current year March 21 until February 19 the transactions in house purchase have fallen by 31 percent, while renting property has dropped by 16 percent.


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