the Iran-Pakistan pipeline project can supply China's needs: expert

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Hedayatullah Khademi, an energy expert, has said that the implementation of the Iran-Pakistan pipeline project is in the interest of both countries and the security of the region.

"The issue of the contract between Tehran and Islamabad for the export of gas is about 15 years ago: At that time, after the signing of this contract, Iran implemented the gas transmission pipeline from Asaluyeh to the border of Pakistan, and it was planned that this gas would eventually be transferred to India. But there were discussions that Islamabad does not have the necessary credit or that it kept the project suspended under the influence of the American sanctions," Khademi said in an exclusive interview with ILNA.

He said that "We fulfilled our duties and from the very beginning and now we are ready to send gas to this country. If Pakistan did not have the necessary infrastructure to deliver the desired gas, we could have received money and damages based on the mentioned clause."

"If this line is implemented, we will be able to send gas to other countries including China, because now China needs gas a lot because it has built several thousand kilometers of pipeline from Turkmenistan at the expense of its own country to meet its needs," the expert concluded.