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Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen expressed sorrow over US exit from Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and said that imposing secondary sanctions against Iran is violation of human rights as Austria and EU believe.

He made the remarks in a joint press conference with President Hassan Rouhani.

President Bellen said that Austria regrets that the US had departed from JCPOA and is to reimpose sanctions, not only the primary one, but the secondary sanctions which involved Austria as well.

He pointed out that JCPOA was not meant to resolve all problems, but in Vienna's believe, was only a window to consider other problems.

Concerning his talks with President Rouhani, Bellen said the two sides discussed a wide range of bilateral and regional issues.

President Bellen pointed to age-old Iran-Austria relations, and said that Tehran and Austria are to celebrate 160th anniversary of establishment of political relations while the two countries' cooperation dates back to at least 500 years ago.

'We are to celebrate the 60th anniversary of establishment of Austrian Cultural Association in Tehran and the 25th anniversary of Dialogue among Religions,' the Austrian president said.

Right now, there are hundreds of Austrian companies active in Iran and Austria.

President Bellen added that there are plenty of Iranians living in Austria and around 2000 doctors with Iranian descent are active in Austria health system.


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