Building trust between Iran and Pakistan is a long-term task: expert

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Mohammad Reza Komeili, an expert on Pakistan issues, has said that unfortunately, Iran and Pakistan have always needed a third country to transfer money for business relations.

"In the field of trade between Iran and Pakistan, people in third countries, especially in the UAE, usually play a role," Komeili said in an exclusive interview with ILNA.

He said that "Türkiye also plays an active role in this field, but it is much less than the UAE. One of the reasons why the volume of economic relations between the two countries is not very favorable and could be much better is that the two sides cannot trust each other in the early stages of business."

"Concerns with the intervention of some countries that do not mind destroying the relationship between Iran and Pakistan have always been, are and will be challenging," he added.

"This issue must be resolved and joint working groups between the two countries must be established with patience. But considering that both Iran and Pakistan are brotherly and neighboring countries, there is no choice but to solve the problems with kindness and peace and dialogue in some cases," the expert concluded.