Tel Aviv seeking a large-scale regional war with Iran: expert

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Hussam Shaker, an Egyptian expert on the Middle East, has said that Israel is seeking to wage a regional war against Iran.

“For years, the US and the Israeli regime have had close intelligence and security cooperation, and the fact that the US claimed that it did not know about the attack on the Iranian consulate by the Zionists is not very realistic. It seems that the Americans have somehow tried to protect themselves from the retaliation of Iran and specifically the member forces of the resistance axis in this regard,” Shaker said in an exclusive interview with ILNA. 

He added, “Israel needs to divert the regional and international focus from itself and its failures in Gaza and create a large regional conflict with Iran. Apart from all this, the creation of a large-scale regional conflict can largely fill the gaps between Israel and its Western allies, which have become erosive and deep as a result of the Gaza war.”

The expert noted, “In a situation where Israel is on the path of erosion, Iran does not put itself in its trap.”