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Member of Tehran City Council rejects claims about dispute among reformists' choice for the Mayer.

“Mohammad Haghani”, Political reformist activist, after registration for the local election in Iran, regarding reports about the dispute between reformists' choice for Tehran Mayor and the told ILNA that disagreement and differences in views always exist at every level, but we can certainly say that we are going to issue a 21 person list which would include reformist candidates.

"But it’s stil not clear who’s going to be at the top of our list. It all depends on the process of vetting” he added.

Member of Tehran’s City Council, announcing that there’s going to be a 21+1 Hope list for the election, emphasized that he doesn’t think there would be two separate lists from the reformist groups.

According to Haghani, the reformists are going to wait for the results of the process of vetting and also would wait and see who’s going to attain the vote of the citizens and enter the Council.

“Such debates and statements are mostly speculations and we have awaited the results” he added.

The first day of registration of City and Village Councils of Iran which is scheduled to be held on 19 May 2017, began on Monday. Candidates for Iranian local election have attended the Tehran governor center from early morning to officially announce their candidacy for the fifth round of City and Village Council election.

“Hadi Saei”, “Ali Saberi” and “Abdolhossein Mokhtabad” former members of the City Council of Tehran and “Shahrbanoo Amani”, “Ebrahim Asgharzade” and “Ebrahim Amini” political activists were among those who attended and officially registered to enter the race on the local election day. 





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