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Iran pursuing full civilian application of nuclear energy

About three months after the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (Iran's nuclear deal with powers) was put into force, the country has announced a range of activities in the non-military application of the nuclear energy.

Iran pursuing full civilian application of nuclear energy

"In Fordow nuclear facility we are working on stable isotopes with Russians and the job has made so much progress that in two to three weeks we will hold a bricklaying," Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Director Ali Akbar Salehi told at April 9.

The deal put an end into more than a decade-long dispute over Iran's nuclear program. While world powers accused Iran of running a military-minded nuclear program, Iran insisted that it wanted to make full use of the peaceful nuclear energy as an unalienable right.

"Regarding exploration of mines, we are using two helicopters to search the whole country. We have done 73 percent of the country's area and will finish the job in about two years," Salehi also pointed out.

Salehi further stated that Iran has started operational procedures of building a nuclear hospital.

"The budget needed for the hospital is available. We have bought the land already and will dispatch a team to Austria in a couple of weeks to procure the equipment," the nuclear chief said.

Touching upon uranium enrichment, he announced that Iran has added 220 kilograms to its stockpile of yellowcake since the JCPOA Implementation Day January 16.

Salehi also commented on the disputed Arak reactor. He said that in a few days a sample of fuel produced to be used in the redesigned reactor will be brought to Tehran Reactor to be tested.

Six world powers are to help Iran redesign Arak heavy water reactor to produce less plutonium is a crucial step for the full implementation of the nuclear deal.

Salehi also stated that American laboratories have okayed the quality of heavy water produced at the facility in Arak.


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