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Reformist figure warned “The receipt of the list of President Ebrahim Raisi ministers are with the large number of former Ahmadinejad men in his cabinet, it might be nicknamed as "Ahmadinejad's third administration."

Javad Emam said in an exclusive interview with ILNA news agency that why someone who has been convicted in a case of forgery has been nominated as minster. "Wasn't there anyone else?" Emam asked. 

He added "We expected Raisi to listen to those who did not take part in the elections because they were not happy with the ongoing developments in the country."

Emam charged that reliance on Ahmadinejad's aides to form a cabinet raises questions about Raisi's claim of being an independent political figure.

Emam particularly questioned the merit of the candidates for the Ministry of Education and Agriculture and maintained that they were not fit for ministerial jobs.

He warned that all together, the team chosen by Raisi for his administration is not likely to be able to solve the country's problems.

In a report carried by Etemad Online website, Mohammad Mohajeri, the editor of moderate conservative Khabar Onine news website revealed that Raisi was not initially planning to introduce a hardline cabinet but was pressured by political figures and groups.

Mohajeri believes that Raisi's economic team is Vice President Mohammad Mokhber's team, adding that Raisi relies on Mokhber to make up for the shortcomings of some of his ministers.



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