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About 10 days later, next Iranian year (to be started on March 21, 2019), the draft budget will be submitted to the Iranian parliament.

The oil price is of special importance amid certain processes in the world market and as a result of the US sanctions against Iran.

According to Trend news, many experts predict the minimum oil price at $55, maximum oil price - $70 next Iranian year.

The draft budget for the next Iranian year will be submitted to the parliament by the president on December 5.

Expert in the energy sector Mehdi Hosseini said that the stagnation in the oil market has made it difficult to predict oil prices.

The oil price at $60 in draft budget for the next Iranian year is reasonable, he said.

Of course, the oil price is now below $60, he said.

A number of experts predicted that it would be less than $40.

Another expert in the energy sector Gulamhuseyn Hassantash said that the oil price will vary from $70 to $75 next Iranian year.

The oil price at around $70 for Iranian budget is reasonable, he said.

Another expert Murtaza Behrouzifer does not think that the oil price will be around $80.

The oil price will vary between $55-60, he said.


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