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Iran finds cause of Iran-140 airplane crash

As the investigations of the Iranian-made Iran-140 passenger airplane are accomplished, Iran has announced that it has found the reason of the incident.

Iran finds cause of Iran-140 airplane crash

“The entire investigations of Iran-140 crash have been carried out and the result is about to be obtained,” Ali Abedzadeh, deputy minister of transport and urban development, said.

He added that the investigations show safety systems must be considered more thoroughly to prevent such disasters.

The Iran-140 airliner has been a disaster in terms of safety. The first fatal crash of Iran-140 occurred during a test flight in 2009, killing the five crew members.

The crash occurred in August 2014, shortly after the plane’s takeoff from Tehran Mehrabad International Airport. 39 people were killed in the incident.

Following the incident, President Rouhani ordered to remove Iran-140 from the Iranian fleet.

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