Iran's Thermal Power Plants Electricity Generation Capacity Crosses 75,000 MW

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The electricity generation capacity of thermal power plants in Iran topped 75,000 megawatts following the connection of the first gas unit of the Sabzevar Power Plant to the nationwide electricity grid, an official at the Thermal Power Plants Holding Company (TPPH) said.

The director general of the macro planning office of the TPPH pointed to the synchronization of the 183-MW gas unit of the Sabzevar Combined Cycle Power Plant and said 29 gas units with an electricity generation capacity of 3,935 megawatts along with 13 steam units with a generation capacity of 2,136 megawatts have been connected to the nationwide electricity grid during the current administration, which took office in August 2021.

It is expected that 3.25 million cubic meters of fuel will be saved annually as a result of the construction of the aforementioned units, Hadi Modaghegh stated.

The electricity generation capacity of the country has surpassed 75,000 megawatts in the wake of the inauguration of the new projects in the administration of President Ebrahim Raisi, he said, adding that 624 thermal electricity generation units in 142 power plants of the country have been tasked with supplying 93-percent of the electricity needed by subscribers across the country, more than 68 percent of which is supplied by the private sector.