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Increase in monthly average of non-oil exports of Iran

Average exports of Iran’s non-oil products in a month have had a 38-percent increase since August 2021, the inauguration of the new Iranian government.

Increase in monthly average of non-oil exports of Iran

The government managed to bring about such an increase by developing its economic diplomacy, creating infrastructures, and removing obstacles.

The monthly average of non-oil exports of Iran reached 4.33 billion dollars, which shows a 38-percent growth compared with that of the previous government period, IRNA reported.

Decreasing Iran’s oil export or even pushing it down to zero has been the main aim behind the US sanctions; meanwhile, the issue made the Iranian officials and the economic experts focus more on non-oil exports to provide the country with a sustainable income.

Following up the talks on the removal of the sanctions and foiling them has been one of the objectives of the new Iranian government as it made effort to develop foreign trade by promoting economic diplomacy with neighboring countries.

Last year, Iran exported 122 million tons of commodities worth 48 billion dollars, which shows a 41-percent growth as the figure has been 14 billion dollars in the previous year.

An increase in exports of non-oil products will decrease dependence on oil income and minimize the impact of the sanctions.

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