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Chairman of Iran-China Chamber of Commerce and Industries says China has given Iran some 850,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines for free, reiterating that Iran’s Ambassador to Beijing is trying hard to provide more vaccines.

Speaking to ILNA, Majid-Reza Hariri said that China has given Iran 850,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines for free as humanitarian aids.

Reacting to why the names of the companies in charge of importing vaccine is nor revealed, he said that imports of vaccine is not forbidden like weapon that the names of the importing companies are kept secret and the companies are just doing their social responsibility and for this reason perhaps they do not like their names to be announced.

He noted that the chamber is not opposed to imports of vaccines by the private sector and there is no doubt about it but regarding vaccination, there should be some priorities in order to reduce the death toll in the country.

Majid-Hariri went on to say that Iran’s Ambassador to China is working hard to provide more vaccines for the country and so far he has achieved in dispatch of 850,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccines to Iran which all have been for free.

He reiterated that the price of Russian COVID-19 vaccines is more expensive than the Chinese one and the prices which are quoted in the country are not right.

He reiterated that public health cannot be a tool for business and all should work for transparency especially by the private sector.


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