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MSC is the embodiment of Iran's economic resistance

Cogent Message of Esfahan’s Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) CEO regarding the 6th Round of the USA Unfair Sanctions against this Company.

MSC is the embodiment of Iran's economic resistance

CEO of Esfahan's Mobarakeh Steel Company Hamidreza Azimian wrote as follows:

Those who in a desperate act imposed sanctions against some companies that had restricted economic ties with MSC must have heard about the magnificent history of MSC from their predecessors. They know that if now MSC is the brightest star in the economic and industrial sphere of the Islamic Republic of Iran, that is thanks to severe restrictions during Iran-Iraq War and all-out sanctions imposed by aliens; these caused MSC to reach such economic maturity that when its name has been seen once, twice, and even three times on the sanction list over the recent years, it did not falter a bit and continued to earn economic and scientific success. Thanks to the competence and expertise of its Iranian staff members, MSC has always been prospering and is now in a place that sends its enemies into the depths of despair, making them take actions that can be just dubbed ‘Political Frustration.’

Therefore, we deemed it is necessary for us as the students and graduates of MSC School to serve with the greatest pride our compatriots, shareholders, and all practitioners in the economic sector, including those working in steel industries and other industries, underscoring the economic resistance and endurance of MSC against these futile, vacuous sanctions. The achievements MSC had in recent years despite direct and indirect sanctions and the services it offered to Iranians bode well and herald prosperity and profitability in the future. 

We are men of steel and step forward on economic production, development, and resistance with steel armor on. These political puffs do not affect us, and we will show the world who Iranian Steelmen are.


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