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JCPOA can survive, but it will be difficult; U.S expert

“I find U.S president foreign policy, to the extent that a consistent and coherent one can be discerned, as very mixed and mostly problematic,” a professor at Carleton University told ILNA.

JCPOA can survive, but it will be difficult; U.S expert

In an exclusive interview with ILNA news agency, Dane Rowlands, the Paterson Professor of International Affairs said “Trump has definitely shaken things up, but where he has challenged traditional US policy regarding its perceived adversaries he has largely failed in shifting that relationship (Iran, Russia, and North Korea).”

“What is more problematic has been his failure to manage US relations with its traditional allies and to build rather than damage relations with partner countries that could support US initiatives.”

Dane Rowlands added that President Trump prefers to be unpredictable and disruptive, often for no apparent strategic reason. So overall I would give this administration a failing grade on foreign policy.

The U.S professor refers to the assassination of the Iranian commander and said “The killing of General Soleimani may have violated international law, though any such determination would probably depend on the details of the underlying intelligence that the US claims triggered their decision.”

“At the same time international law prohibits certain activities in terms of the use of proxies to wage war,” the international affairs expert pointed.

He further explained “I think many commentators have suggested that there is a link, and it is not unusual for countries to use foreign policy decisions to distract from domestic political problems.”

The professor at Carleton University noted “The fact that serious US commentators have suggested the distraction theory, however, makes it more plausible and it cannot be ruled out easily. It would not be the first time that the current US administration has been seen trying to manipulate media coverage to distract from domestic political difficulties.”

He pointed to Iran nuclear deal and said “The Europeans do not wish to abandon the agreement and clearly prefer that Iran abide by the JCPOA terms. They do not wish to ignore Iran’s expansion of nuclear activities in order to maintain the integrity of the agreement.”

“Iran sees its expanded nuclear activity as legitimate because the US has abandoned the agreement and increased sanctions on Iran,” he confirmed.

Dane Rowlands added “The JCPOA can survive, but it will be difficult. The problem with INSTEX is that it is vulnerable to US retaliation, which it has threatened to do if the Europeans try to use INSTEX to avoid US sanctions directly. “

“Nobody really knows how effective INSTEX would be in operation,” he said at the end.


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