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Zarif advises Trump to base US foreign policy on facts

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a message advised the US President Donald Trump to base his foreign policy on facts.

Zarif advises Trump to base US foreign policy on facts

"@realdonaldtrump is better advised to base his foreign policy comments & decisions on facts, rather than @FoxNews headlines or his Farsi translators," Zarif tweeted on Sunday.

He then advised Trump to read his entire interview (in English) in the German weekly news magazine, 'Der Spiegel'.

Asked by 'Der Spiegel' whether he rule out the possibility of negotiations with the US following Soleimani’s assassination, he said: "No, I never rule out the possibility that people will change their approach and recognize the realities."

"For us, it doesn’t matter who is sitting in the White House. What matters is how they behave. The Trump administration can correct its past, lift the sanctions and come back to the negotiating table. We’re still at the negotiating table," he added.

He noted: "They’re the ones who left. The US has inflicted great damages on the Iranian people. The day will come when they will have to pay reparations for that. We have a lot of patience."


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