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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has warned Iranians they face hard times when new U.S. sanctions take effect on Sunday but said the government would do its best to alleviate them.

Rouhani is calling the move “a new injustice” which the government did not fear; But he added: “In the past few months our people have faced difficult times and it’s possible that the next few months will be difficult. But the government will use all its power to reduce these problems.”

In further remarks the president said: "November 4th is important historically. November 4th is interspersed with some historical events in our country. We are sure the Americans will not win in this new conspiracy."

Rouhani added: "November 4th is the anniversary of the fight against capitulation for the independence of the Iranian nation and against US hegemony. This year's November 4th means a new oppression by the Americans."

The rial currency has also sunk against the U.S. dollar due to the sanctions threat, with a heavy demand for dollars among ordinary Iranians trying to protect their savings.

“You will not be able to reach any of your goals with regard to Iran’s oil and You will not be able to bring it to zero or reduce it" Rouhani said.

The US government has decided to slap second round of what is calls crippling sanctions on Iran on November 4 this year.

Back in May, the US withdrew from the 2015 multilateral nuclear agreement with Iran and said it would re-introduce anti-Iran sanctions that had been lifted under the accord.

Washington reinstated a series of unilateral sanctions against Iran in early August and would re-impose a second batch in November which would primarily be meant to undermine Tehran’s oil exports.


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