Iran reiterates peaceful nature of its nuclear program

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Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani has once again stressed that Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful and will continue to remain so.

Kanaani made the remarks in reaction to a joint statement of the US and three European countries on Iran’s nuclear program.

It is very ridiculous that the countries responsible for the current condition of Iran’s nuclear program are distorting the reality to change the place of the guilty and the victim, the spokesman said.

He called on these countries to review their unconstructive policies in negotiations for lifting the sanctions on Tehran over the past two years.

Kanaani noted that the 60% enrichment in Iran is done to meet the country’s peaceful needs and is carried out under full inspection of the UN nuclear agency.

Iran is fully aware of its international rights and obligations and will continue its cooperation with the agency within this framework, he said.

He also stressed that stepping away from the negotiating table and raising unrelated issues, the result of which is the current state of the negotiations, do not put the US and the three European countries in a position to question Iran's nuclear program.

Kanaani made it clear that diplomacy and negotiation is the best way to remove the fabricated concerns over Iran’s peaceful nuclear program.