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Suspicious samples found during probe into poisoning of schoolgirls: Interior Minister

Iran’s Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi said on Saturday that “suspicious samples” had been found during field investigations into the poisoning of schoolgirls in a number of cities.

Suspicious samples found during probe into poisoning of schoolgirls: Interior Minister

“During the field investigations by the relevant bodies suspicious samples have been found, which are being assessed at laboratories in order to identify the causes of complications in students. Results will be announced as soon as possible by the Ministry of Health,” Vahidi said in a statement.

He explained that experts and officials of the ministries of health and education as well as intelligence, security and judicial bodies have held intense talks in recent days following an order by President Ebrahim Raisi to investigate the poisoning of schoolgirls.

The minister said that, according to a report issued following those talks, the first incident of poisoning happened in a school in the city of Qom more than three months ago.

Following that, similar incidents were announced at another 52 schools where most of the affected students were treated as outpatients, Vahidi said, adding that 28 students were hospitalized for less than two days, except for two who had an underlying condition.

The interior minister called on people to not pay attention to the psychological operation of “enemy’s media terrorism” and follow up on developments regarding the issue through official media outlets inside the country.

He said that “the organizers of the hybrid war” against Iran have been trying to create tensions and revive their failed project to cause unrest in Iran.  

The Iranian people are assured that the health of the students is the main priority of officials and they will spare no efforts in this regard, the minister stressed.   

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