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Iranian, Russian prosecutor generals ink 2 cooperation documents

Iran's Prosecutor General Hojjatoleslam Mohammad-Jafar Montazeri and his Russian counterpart Igor Krasnov here on Tuesday signed two judiciary cooperation documents.

Iranian, Russian prosecutor generals ink 2 cooperation documents

Montazeri at the beginning welcomed his Russian counterpart arguing that five years ago when Iran was just an observing member in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) he had proposed that an active Secretariat Office and a committee will pursue the issue of SCO prosecutor generals' meeting, and that proposal was approved.

He said that now Iran is an official member of the SCO, and Iran and Russia have much deeper relations, which calls for stronger judiciary relations between the two countries, among our two countries' other comprehensive relations.

Montazeri said that Iran and Russia have similar challenges and share enemies, that have imposed different types of problems against both countries, one of which is sanctions, imposed y the United States and some European countries for years.

"Of course, Iran has mightily left behind the hardships of sanctions, but their effects still remain in our country," he said.

The Russian Federation prosecutor general, too, expressing delight to be visiting Iran, and appreciating his Iranian counterpart's invitation, said, "Iran joined the SCO this year and its presence there will lead to closer relations between the two countries judiciary officials, as well."

Igor Krasnov also referred to his upcoming meeting with the head of the Iranian General Surveillance Organization, arguing that since some parts of that organization's duties are similar to the prosecutors' job, in future meetings a representative from the organizations, too, can be invited.

"I believe the two countries' cooperation will contribute to boosting both countries and both nations' security. The officials in different sectors, including those involved in the campaign against terrorism are present in our delegation, and in this meeting, we can reach an agreement on members of the workgroup, and the time schedule."

Igor Krasnov added that the entire acts must be on time and take place rapidly.

"We are ready for direct cooperation, but for other legal and judiciary acts, too, our ambassador is here for rapid reactions," he said.

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