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CNN: Iran demands compensation if US exits JCPOA again

America’s CNN TV network quoting informed sources in Vienna negotiations as claiming that Iran is asking for compensation from the US if America will once again unilaterally exit the JCPOA.

CNN: Iran demands compensation if US exits JCPOA again

The TV network quoted a diplomat who is familiar with Iran and the Middle East affairs as saying that Iran is after having guarantees that if the next US president will exit the JCPOA unilaterally, as the former US president did, Iran will receive compensation from the US.

The CNN has quoted the American diplomat who was speaking on the condition of anonymity as saying that Iran has serious concerns about the possibility of the next US president’s exit from the nuclear deal, and the re-imposing of the nuclear sanctions.

The diplomat has said: It seems like progress has been achieved, especially on the issue of indirectly imposed sanctions against the Iranian companies that are active abroad, and the viewpoints have got closer to each other.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has presented its written response to the latest EU draft on JCPOA revival and announced that if the US reaction to it will be realistic and flexible, the final agreement will be reached.

Apparently, the United States has shown its flexibility about two of the three remaining points of difference orally, but Iran wants inclusion of them in the text of the agreement.

Meanwhile, the third issue is about the guarantee for sustainability of the revived JCPOA, which depends on US rationalism and the extent it will meet Iran’s demand in that respect.

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