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The President called the discourse of resistance the only solution to the problems of the Islamic world and said, "Only with brave resistance and standing can the free nations of the region force the Arrogant to retreat".

Speaking in the meeting of the cabinet on Sunday, Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi referred to naming 14 August as the day of Islamic resistance in the country's official calendar, and upholding the high and sublime concept of resistance, and said, "Historical experience tells us that the nations of the world, wherever they are faced with dominance and arrogance, took the path of resistance and standing and they found success and achieved dignity and independence".

The President considered the discourse of resistance to be the only effective way to overcome the issues of the Islamic world, especially the issue of Palestine, and honouring the names and memory of the great leaders of the resistance, martyrs Haj Qasem Soleimani and Haj Hossein Hamedani, saying, "The people of Iran and all freedom fighters in the region and the world are grateful for the bravery of the commanders and fighters of the resistance".

In another part of his speech, Raisi called "being popular" as the main direction of the 13th government and said, "Being popular and cantered on justice as the main discourse of the government needs a detailed explanation. The society should know what it means to be popular in economy, politics, culture and other fields and which functional components it carries".

Emphasising the use of the capacity of non-governmental organisations in the administration of the country, the President added, "Today, many organisations, foundations and trusted figures of the people who are active in various social fields are ready to help the government, and their abilities and capacities should not be underestimated in improving services to individuals and the society".

Ayatollah Raisi also mentioned jihadist groups and popular mobilisation as reference groups in the society that can be effective in different stages and take a big burden off the shoulders of the government and statesmen.

The need to explain the achievements of the government while nearing the first anniversary of the establishment of the Popular Administration was another important focus of the President's speech in the meeting of the cabinet.

Raisi called the continuous communication with the people, the use of the media capacity in the country and accurate and complete information to the people as complementary steps to the policies and measures of the government and said, "In a situation where the enemies and ill-wishers of the country, with the help of media tools and false news, are looking for negation of the effectiveness of the Islamic system, disregarding public opinion or inaction in this regard is an unforgivable mistake".

"All institutions must establish effective communication with the people and continuously convey their actions and achievements to their hearing and opinion," he said.

Raisi further discussed the progress of the country in the field of science and technology, pointing to the improvement of the scientific level of the country's universities, the increase of support for knowledge-based companies in this government, and noted, "The statement of the government's achievements in such fields is both a source of hope and a motivation for the people".

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