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North Korea paper Minju Joson today carries an article introducing the policy of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea for the people’s civilized life.

Many countries in the world feel proud of their own civilization, boasting of being the standard-bearer or of having a long-standing tradition. Among them are those that ushered in a new era of material prosperity by establishing a modern industry through an industrial revolution, and that are proud of bringing about the Renaissance.

Now, too, many countries pursuing limitless civilization in all sectors of social life including the economy and culture, are trying to overtake others.

Those who enjoy a civilized and rich life in the capitalist society where modern civilization is much touted are none other than a handful of privileged circles.

But in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea they are the ordinary working people. They enjoy the benefits of modern civilization in various places including the streets, a riding club, a breast tumour institute, a children’s hospital, amusement parks, a ski resort and an international children’s camp, all built or renovated in recent years.

This is the fruition of the guidance by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, who has inherited the disposition of loving people of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il.

He always stresses that even if one structure were to be built, it should be built with an ambition to beat the world.

He went over the formation plan of a water park 113 times and gave on-the-spot guidance at its construction site even at midnight; he even gave careful consideration to every tile in a water tank.

In May, when he visited the construction site of the Wonsan-Kalma coastal tourist area, he said: It is the determination of the Workers’ Party of Korea to develop the area into a unique coastal city where the people can enjoy the benefits of the highest standard of civilization.

The world-level Munsu Water Park, Mirim Riding Club, Masikryong Ski Resort and Rungna Dolphinarium on the Taedong are fruits of Kim Jong Un’s leadership for people’s wellbeing.

Thanks to the noble intention of Kim Jong Un, who is so desirous of enabling his people to enjoy the benefits of such creations symbolic of the golden age of socialist civilization in the 21st century, the ideals and dreams of the Korean people to enjoy socialist civilization to their heart’s content will be realized without fail. 


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