The best solution to reduce the tension will be the two-state solution: expert

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Ali Asghar Zargar, an expert on regional issues, said in relation to the dimensions of the UN General Assembly resolution on Palestine, that the issue is whether the formation of the independent state of Palestine and its different layers will be approved by the great powers of the world, or do they have another scenario in mind.

"With the recent majority vote in the United Nations General Assembly in favor of the Palestinians, which is based on the opinion of the international community to establish a Palestinian state, a capacity has been created in favor of Palestine, but the main issue is the implementation of the relevant provisions," Zargar said in an exclusive interview with ILNA.

"It should be seen how this matter is going to be implemented and how Gaza and the West Bank will be connected to each other to form a Palestinian state," he added.

"Perhaps the best solution that somehow reduces the tension will be the two-state solutions, and maybe if such a country is formed and the Arab countries come to the field in terms of economic support and the development and reconstruction of Gaza, the situation will change," he concluded.