Israeli regime in "unprecedented isolation": Hamas

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​Head of the Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh says that what is happening in the corridors of diplomacy indicates "an unprecedented isolation" for the Israeli occupation entity.

"Israel, the spoiled child of the West, is no longer as it once was, and its image has been shattered," Haniyeh told Al Mayadeen on Friday.

The Hamas chief indicated that the massacres and crimes committed by the Israeli occupation in Gaza reflect its strategic failure after not achieving its declared goals of the war.

He made it clear that the Israeli occupation has not eliminated Hamas and shall not eliminate it, pointing out that the Israeli government has not retrieved its captives held in Gaza and shall not retrieve them except through "an honorable deal."

The Palestinian Resistance group is adhering to its conditions in negotiations and will not engage in any deal with Israel without their fulfillment, he added.

Haniyeh emphasized the Resistance's insistence on the necessity of declaring a permanent and clear ceasefire in Gaza.

The official touched on Israeli media's speculations that the Israeli assassination of his sons and grandchildren is aimed at pressuring Hamas to ease its demands during ceasefire negotiations, underlining that "this will not happen."

Haniyeh has recently lost three sons and three grandchildren in an attack by the Israeli regime on northern Gaza.