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Rouhani says Iran to fight COVID-19, unemployment simultaneously

President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that Iran is to battle the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and unemployment at the same time.

Rouhani says Iran to fight COVID-19, unemployment simultaneously

Speaking during a cabinet session, the president said that health and livelihood are the main concerns of the Iranian people today.

Noting that the novel coronavirus disease has turned into a crisis for all world countries, Rouhani said that the pandemic has affected politics, economy and even the lifestyle of the people across the globe.

What is important is how to respond to the crisis now and how to help recover the economy once the crisis to be over, the president said.

Iran is even rendering free medical services to all foreign nationals who legally reside in the country, Rouhani added.

He said that the country has mobilized all its capacity to meet the medical supplies needed by the people and the medical workers.

Both the state and private sector along with the armed forces and the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, are doing their best to produce the medical requirements of the country, the president said.

He assured the people that their essential needs will be met during the pandemic.


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