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Iranian Foreign Minister in a message criticized US officials for their contradictory claims, saying Iran has always been steadfast with its peace-seeking approach.

 “Flip-flop par excellence: one day US claims Iran on verge of collapse, the next we’re demonized as a 'Great Power' that threatens NATO. @SecPompeo & his boss will make any contradictory claim that fits an occasion,” Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote in his Twitter account.

He added “In contrast, Iran is consistently responsible & peace-seeking.”

Earlier, Zarif in a message ridiculed US for giving fake credit to President Donald Trump, saying Trump & Co try to take credit for the 'defeat of ISIS”—which was created & nourished by their invasion of Iraq & their fomenting of unrest in Syria, he’s also given credit for saving the Jews. So, while they're at it, he might as well take the credit for Xexes' defeat of Sparta.'


NATO peace-seeking approach
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