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Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif finished his 4-day tour of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan and returned to Tehran Friday.

Zarif visted Nakhchivan at the official invitation of the autonomous republic's top officials.

Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic was the last leg of Zarif's tour of the region. He was in Baku before traveling to Nakhchivan to attend the Mid-Term Ministerial Conference of NAM from April 5-6.

On the sidelines of the NAM meeting, Zarif met with his counterparts from North Korea, Libya, Afghanistan, Palestine, India, Serbia, Venezuela, chairman of the United Nations General Assembly as well as heads of Syrian and Cuban delegations and discussed with them bilateral ties and international developments.

On the first leg of his tour of the region, Zarif accompanied President Hassan Rouhani during his visit to the Turkish capital, Ankara and attended a trilateral summit of Iran, Russia and Turkey on Syria.


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