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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said that his country witnessed a single-digit inflation rate over the current fiscal year (starting March 21).

Briefing journalists on the country’s economic performance ahead of the new Iranian calendar year which begins on March 21, President Rouhani said that the Islamic Republic took proper measures and made breakthroughs in the fiscal 2017/18.

According to the president, the agriculture sector grew by 26 percent over the current year.

He also touched upon the performance of oil and gas industry and said the country inaugurated six phases of the South Pars gas field this year.

Saying that the output of South Pars doubled over the current year and reached 555 million cubic meters per day, he added that Iran became self-sufficient in gas production.

The president described the fall in the exports of petrochemicals and minerals as a positive indication, saying this means that those materials have been used in the domestic industry as feed.

The president went on to speak about transportation and said that three new railways in the three provinces of East Azerbaijan and West Azerbaijan as well as Gilan will be inaugurated over the coming year.


Hassan Rouhani
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