Iran slams fresh US-UK airstrikes on Yemen

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Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has denounced fresh US-UK airstrikes on Yemen, saying that the attacks violate the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Nasser Kanaani made the reaction after the US and the UK conducted a new round of airstrikes on Yemen overnight in response to what they call threats to international shipping. The airstrikes came as Yemen continued attacking Israeli-linked ships in the Red Sea to put pressure on the regime to stop its bloodshed in Gaza and lift its blockade of the Palestinian territory.

“The US and the UK once again proved that they have full support for war crimes and genocide of the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and they consider their commitment to the security and illegitimate interests of the occupying and criminal Zionist regime above international peace and security," the Iranian spokesman said.

He added that Washington and London are violating all moral and human values, as well as international law and the UN Charter to ensure the security of the Israeli regime.  

Kanaani said that the US and the UK, through conducting airstrikes on Yemen, are seeking to intensify the ongoing crisis in the region and expand the war.

They also seek to divert the public attention from the Israeli regime’s war crimes and buy time for the continuation of such crimes, he added.

Instead of taking prompt and effective action against the main cause of the existing insecurity, which is warmongering by the Israeli regime and its killing of Palestinians daily, the US and the UK are conducting military attacks against a country that is making efforts to pressure the regime to stop murdering the Palestinians, Kanaani further said.

He called the US-UK airstrikes arbitrary and aggressive, saying that the attacks would bring no achievement for the “aggressors” and would only lead to more insecurity and instability in the region.