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JCPOA revival entails complications: Expert

A professor at Alberta University has said that the decrease in the burden of crises in the Middle East region will undoubtedly affect the US foreign policy towards Iran.

JCPOA revival entails complications: Expert

Speaking to ILNA, Rob Aitken has said that finally, the revival of the JCPOA would be an effective action toward resolving Iran’s nuclear deal.

The wrong policies of individual self-perceptions caused the destruction of one of the important agreements that had been achieved over the past several years and with great effort, he noted.

The view of the Biden administration towards the JCPOA is basically positive, but there are also complications, he said, adding that the crisis in Ukraine has partially affected the priorities of the US government in its foreign policy.

“Also, recently we saw the forced leave of Robert Malley, the special representative of the US government for Iranian affairs, which could be a sign of changes in the structure of Washington's foreign policy towards Tehran,” he emphasized.

On the other hand, the restoration of relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia can also be a turning point in this field, he stressed.