Putin seeks to strengthen joint institutions between Beijing and Moscow: expert

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Shaaib Bahman, an expert on Russian affairs, said that the visit of the Russian president to China is important for the West in the field of bilateral relations, because they are trying to create a visible disturbance in the relations between countries like Russia and China.

"Choosing China as Vladimir Putin's first destination after winning the election shows that he insists on developing relations with Beijing and seeks to strengthen it," Bahman said in an exclusive interview with ILNA.

"Putin's visit to Beijing and the negotiations that took place there showed that the Chinese side is also interested in developing relations with Russia, although there is pressure in this direction from the United States on CHina regarding Russia's support in the Ukraine war," he added.

"The Chinese have a policy of deepening relations with Russia on their agenda. In the international field, it should be noted that Russia and China succeeded in creating regional and international institutions in the past years, such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization or the BRICS group," he concluded.