The West doesn't intend to provoke Russia: expert

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Abdolreza Farjirad, Iran's former ambassador to Norway, has said that the war between Russia and Ukraine has become very complicated internationally, and America and Europe do not want Russia to advance further into Ukraine.

"The United States does not want to provide Ukraine with heavy and sophisticated weapons in any way that would provoke the Russians," Farjirad said in an exvlusive interview with ILNA.

"At the same time, Moscow has given a serious warning to the West about the deployment of nuclear military weapons in Poland and has announced that it will target them if these weapons are deployed in Poland," he added.

He added that "America and Europe are trying not to act too extreme towards Ukraine and they will not take any action that will upset the situation and provoke Russia."

"Moscow has close ties with its allies such as China and North Korea, and the West seeks to control this relationship," he concluded.