Yemen: Four Israeli, US vessels targeted in Gulf of Aden

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​The Yemeni army has announced new military operations against Israeli and American vessels in the Gulf of Aden in response to the US-backed genocide by the Israeli regime in Gaza.

Army Spokesman Yahya Sarie said on Wednesday that Israeli ships MSC Darwin and MSC GINA as well as American ship MAERSK YORKTOWN and a warship were targeted in drone and missile attacks.

Sarie stressed that Yemen will continue its military operations in the Red and Arabian seas as well as the Indian Ocean until the aggression against Gaza comes to an end and the siege of the Palestinian territory is lifted.

Also on Wednesday, Yemen’s Al Masirah TV reported fresh airstrikes by the US and the UK on Yemeni soil, saying that the attacks targeted Hudaydah international airport.

The two Western countries began striking Yemen in mid-January over what they called threats to international shipping in the wake of Yemeni attacks on Israel-linked vessels.

Yemen has responded to the US-UK strikes by hitting American and British ships off its coast.

Yemen has also continued to target vessels heading to Israeli-occupied ports, despite the US-UK airstrikes. It says “the aggression” by Washington and London against Yemeni territory is part of their efforts to provide further support to the Israeli regime in its war on Gaza.