For the Rising Generations: DPRK

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General Secretary Kim Jong Un visiting the Okryu Children’s Hospital, Pyongyang

-Endless Love for Posterity

Among the many entities erected on this land under the wise leadership of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, there is also Okryu Children’s Hospital situated in Munsu area.

On March 21, 2014, ten years ago, respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited Okryu Children’s Hospital.

On this day, he inquired in detail about the operation of the hospital with parental affection.

He asked what kind of medicine is scarce in preventive and curative medical care, what disease is most prevalent among children, whether there is any broken equipment during operation since its opening, etc.

For the Rising Generations: DPRK

Furthermore, he acquainted himself with the supply of meat and eggs and said earnestly that in-patient children should be fully provided with food such as meat and eggs.

He continued that medical workers at Okryu Children’s Hospital should cherish the noble will of President Kim Il Sung, and Chairman Kim Jong Il who loved the children so much during their lifetime, and display a high sense of responsibility in providing medical service with great devotion.

The endless love of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who devotes his all for our children is also permeated in baby homes and children’s homes across the country.

In February 2014, he came to know that there are some malnourished children among the orphans, while learning about the situation of baby homes and children’s homes across the country.

Then, he took a benevolent measure to send them to hospital for recuperation.

When he heard the news that they fully recovered, he visited the hospital and expressed his satisfaction of seeing healthy and fit children, saying that he can see they are now full of vigor.

For the Rising Generations: DPRK

And he continued that we should make them only enjoy happiness as in the song “We are the happiest in the World” they are now singing in a cheerful voice and make that song resound far and wide across the country.

All thoughts and activities of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un for giving all possible blessings in the world to our children are giving birth to many moving stories of love for posterity.

As we have a great father who embraces all the children in the country and raises them into great pillars who would lead the future of the country, the happy laughter and songs of our children will reverberate as the vigorous sound of advance of our Republic.


-Happy Laughter

For the Rising Generations: DPRK

Snowflakes are flying, and pupils from a kindergarten and primary school affiliated to the Sinuiju Teachers Training College are playing with snow after school. Also seen among them are some college students, mingling with the innocent children. Their optimism and delight can be called a symbol of the socialist system and image of socialist Korea. Seeing the photo, anyone can imagine the reality of the country, as well as its future.

 The Westerners say that the DPRK children are suffering from hunger and poverty. However, this photo clearly shows the ever-developing country and its potential for development

For the Rising Generations: DPRK

-“Well, You Look Cute”

 Wherever Koreans live on the planet, it is commonplace to see them in their traditional clothes.

 It is a custom of the Korean people to prepare a birthday table and traditional Korean clothes for their children when they greet their first birthday, and they love to wear their traditional clothes in everyday life. When they are dressed in Korean costumes, they feel intimacy and unity among themselves.

For the Rising Generations: DPRK

The colours and patterns of the striped jackets of children are gorgeous and stylish, adding pleasure to the people.

  “Well, you look cute.”