Hezbollah launches new strikes on Zionist positions

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Lebanon's Hezbollah resistance movement has reportedly launched a fresh missile attack on Zionist military positions in the occupied Palestinian territories.

In a statement quoted by Al-Manar late on Sunday, Hezbollah said that its forces targeted Zionist forces at the Al-Marj base with Burkan missiles, in support of the Palestinian people and resistance in the Gaza Strip.

Earlier on Sunday, Hezbollah also announced two separate attacks, with one hitting a gathering of Israeli soldiers in Ramim barracks with “appropriate weapons” while another targeting an outpost in the occupied Shebaa Farms with two Falaq 1 missiles.

Meanwhile, the Israeli military has also targeted areas around the town of Al-Dhahira, southern Lebanon.

There are no reports of casualties or damage from the latest strikes from each side.

Hezbollah and Israel have been engaged in clashes at Lebanon’s southern border since the regime launched its genocidal war on Gaza in early October.

Meanwhile, Israeli Minister of Military Affairs Yoav Gallant has claimed that even with a possible temporary ceasefire in Gaza, the attacks on Lebanon will intensify.

Gallant was quoted by Al Jazeera as saying that the regime will keep hitting southern Lebanon until Hezbollah surrenders.

Thousands of Israeli settlers living in areas near the Lebanese border have abandoned their homes out of fear of Hezbollah’s retaliatory strikes.

Hezbollah says its military campaign will continue until the Israeli regime ceases its genocidal war against Palestinians.