Under the Warm Loving Care: DPR Korea

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General Secretary Kim Jong Un is seen among the Korean children

-Parental Affection

 Recent developments in socialist Korea are attracting the attention of the international community.

 The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is undergoing indescribable hardships, yet the country, steered by Kim Jong Un, President of the State Affairs of the DPRK, is vigorously advancing towards the goal of national prosperity.

 Then what are the secrets behind its uninterrupted progress?

 First, the country’s social system is advantageous.

 A key yardstick for assessing the advantages of a social system is what its prospect is like. It is self-evident that if it does not have a bright future, it cannot be called an advantageous system.

 Kim Jong Un once said that the advantages of the country’s socialist system should be demonstrated, first and foremost, in bringing up children.

 This is eloquently proved by the reality in the DPRK.

Under the Warm Loving Care: DPR Korea

 For the DPRK, the last ten or so years were a period of unprecedented trials, in large measure due to the harsh sanctions and oppression by the hostile forces, the severe natural disasters and the global public health crisis.

 However, it paid constant attention to bringing up and educating children. 

 To cite an example, the northern part of the country was hit by heavy flooding in August and September in 2016. 

 Public buildings in several towns and counties were destroyed and the locals were left homeless. Children in the affected areas lost their schools and bases for extra-curricular activities. The government adopted an emergency measure of mobilizing all the potentials of the country for the rehabilitation campaign. Special steps were taken for the benefit of children–freely providing nearly 2 000 schoolchildren with new uniforms, bags, sportswear and other requisites for studying and camping, arranging a separate train to carry them to the well-known Songdowon International Children’s Camp and Masikryong Ski Resort.

 It happened in May 2022 when the malignant virus made inroads into the territory of the country, which set the world record of being a COVID-free zone for two years and three months, the longest period in the world.

 Emergency measures were taken to lock down the whole country city by city, county by county, and isolate work, production and living units from one another. Countrywide, travels were banned, and every family and every citizen had to experience difficulties in their living.

 The government continued to implement the national policy of providing children with dairy products.

 Also, the Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace in Pyongyang and other children’s palaces in various parts of the country, as well as children’s camps in scenic spots, were renovated and schoolchildren were provided with new uniforms, shoes, bags and other requisites for learning. And orphanages, baby homes, primary and secondary schools for orphans were built across the country.

Witnessing these and other developments, the international community could see why the DPRK was replete with vitality and what the primary advantage of its socialist system was.

Under the Warm Loving Care: DPR Korea

 This is unthinkable separated from Kim Jong Un’s inborn love for the rising generations.

 When the children from the above flood-hit areas were having a good time at the children’s camps, the world media commented: Worldwide, natural disasters occur one after another, leaving many dead and many more homeless. In any other countries there is not a single instance of the children of the victims’ families going to the children’s camps under the care of their national leaders. This can be witnessed only in the DPRK led by Kim Jong Un who regards children as kings of his country and spares nothing for their sake.

 Even when the country was undergoing difficulties, Kim Jong Un took all necessary steps for the benefit of children–enforcing the universal 12-year compulsory education; establishing a national policy of the state covering the cost for supplying dairy products and other nutritious foods to all the nursery and kindergarten children who are at the most important stage in their growth; arranging a meeting of the Korean Children’s Union to be held as one of the important national functions and delivering a congratulatory speech at the meeting to the effect that members of the KCU are treasures more valuable than billions of tons of gold and represent the hope and future of the country.

 He once said that the top priority policy for the Workers’ Party of Korea and the DPRK is the one for the interests of the younger generations and that it would be the country’s eternal policy. 

Under the Warm Loving Care: DPR Korea

 It would be hard to find any other country which raises affairs for the benefit of children as a national policy and the most important of state affairs, and spares nothing for their interests.

 Kim Jong Un seems to be fully committed to enduring any loss for the benefit of children and directing investment, however large it might be, for their interests in order to ensure a bright future for the country.

 The people are God, before and above whom are our children, and the pains for their good are worth taking; furthermore, they are a source of happiness and glory–this is Kim Jong Un’s ennobling viewpoint of the rising generations. Thanks to his benevolent care, children have become the primary enjoyers of the country’s socialist benefits and the key representatives of its advantages.

 The true value of parental love and devotion is highlighted in adversity. The advantages of the DPRK’s socialist system are manifested in the fact that it directs more attention to children in times of difficulties and it brings forward its bright future on the strength of such warm affection for them. Herein lies the mightiness of the socialism of Korean style.

Under the Warm Loving Care: DPR Korea

-Family Photograph

On February 2, 2017, the front page of “Rodong Simun” carried the photo of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un finding himself among the bereaved children when he had visited the newly-built Pyongyang Primary School for Orphans.

He took many photos with children but the picture taken on that day has left a lingering impression on many people.

This photo makes us look back with deep emotion on the devoted efforts of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who always cares for the bereaved children bestowing fatherly love to them.

On that day, he looked around every corner of Pyongyang Primary School for Orphans which had been built in style to capture juvenile fancy. He also saw the children taking lessons and had a photo session with them like the father sharing housewarming pleasure with the children.

Under the Warm Loving Care: DPR Korea

Before leaving the school, he earnestly said to the officials and teachers of the school that they should look after the children with his heart being combined so that they could grow up in an upright, spirited and cheerful way without a heavy heart.

In every part of the world, many children are wandering aimlessly as refugees and suffering great misfortunes at their very early ages, falling victim to disputes. However, in our country, children are growing up happy and cheerful as the baby homes, children’s homes, primary and secondary schools for orphans are wonderfully built everywhere in the country.

Under the Warm Loving Care: DPR Korea

Therefore, foreigners who visited the school spoke out their own feelings as follows:

The DPRK is the only country that provides such a wonderful child-care facility for bereaved children and takes the direct responsibility for their life. The great personality of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, who loves children so much and becomes the father of bereaved children, is moving our hearts.

The photo of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un with bereaved children is the family photograph that depicts the happy and harmonious life of sons and daughters with their father, and it is the one to be handed down from generation after generation.


Childcare in the DPRK

Under the Warm Loving Care: DPR Korea

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea pays a special attention to the education and health of the preschool children and provides them with excellent educational conditions and environment. Under the concern of the state the children learn to their heart’s content and grow up in good health.