Expert weighs in on Trump’s controversial remarks on NATO allies

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Amirali Abolfath, an expert on the U.S., has commented on remarks by former U.S. President Donald Trump regarding the need for U.S. allies in Europe to pay for their security.

Abolfath said that there is a deep-rooted belief among ordinary Americans that the U.S. is spending too much on the security of its allies while America itself suffers from poor infrastructure.

“U.S. militarism costs the country, and Trump believes that anyone who wants security must pay for it. The debate is that America cannot continue to spend from its own pocket while enriching its economy every day vis-a-vis China. Trump says that until the money is paid, there will be no news of security and military support of the United States, although there are criticisms against him from the Democrats,” Abolfath said in an exclusive interview with ILNA. 

He added, “I believe that these criticisms will benefit Trump because it causes the citizens of the lower levels of the United States to take a stand against the policies of the New Yorkers, and Trump uses this process to his advantage.”

The expert noted, “The current attacks against Trump are generally made by globalists, but he believes that it is no longer possible to pay for others out of America's pocket and believes that the United States may suffer the fate of the Soviet Union.”