Russia using Iran's experience of tackling sanctions: expert

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Alikber Alikberov, Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, has said that Moscow is using Tehran’s way of dealing with sanctions.

“We use Iran's experience. Of course, Russia is also in a situation where Westerners cannot stop its progress and scientific and non-scientific activities with their sanctions,” Alikberov said in an exclusive interview with ILNA.

He also pointed to sanctions on Iran, which he said were unable to stop Tehran’s progress.

The expert noted, “The statistics that we have had in various scientific topics, including economics, etc., all show that these sanctions have not been very effective for us in any field, and they have not been able to prevent Iran and Russia from becoming more powerful and continuing our activities.”

According to Alikberov, Russia tilted toward Iran after the West imposed sanctions on it. “On the other hand, due to the fact that the West limited us and we no longer had a way to communicate with them like in the past, we came to Iran. This new relationship between Russia and Iran introduced us to new platforms and we established relationships with different people in Iran, which created good cooperation grounds for both sides,” he said.