Gaza death toll mounts to 200 in new round of Israeli onslaught

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The Palestinian Ministry of Health has announced that the number of martyrs from over the last 24 hours of criminal attacks by the Israeli regime's armed forces on various regions of the Gaza Strip reached 200.

According to Palestinian media outlets, the Ministry of Health also declared on Saturday that the number of injured Palestinians reached 589 from Friday to the time of the official announcement.

The Israeli regime’s military forces resumed wide-ranging attacks on the civilians of the Gaza Strip on Friday immediately after the end of the 6-day ceasefire between the occupying regime and the Palestinian resistance movement.

In response to the indiscriminate atrocities, Palestinian and Lebanese resistance fighters also targeted some gatherings of Israeli military forces.

The Palestinian government's information center in Gaza earlier declared that the number of martyrs from the Israeli regime's strikes on the Gaza Strip reached over 15,000, including 6,150 children and over 4,000 women.

As a result of the Israeli regime’s strikes on the Gaza Strip since October 7, over 6,500 people are still under the rubble and over 37,000 people have been injured in the besieged area.