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Happy Children of DPR Korea

General Secretary Kim Jong Un Gives Field Guidance to Completed Pyongyang Baby Home, Orphanage

Happy Children of DPR Korea

-Father of Korean Children

 Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un is the true father of our children, who protects their bright future and shapes it into a rosier one. His parental love is permeated in Pyongyang Baby Home and Pyongyang Orphanage – the very cradle of happiness and palace of our children built on the bank of Taedong River in Pyongyang, the capital city of our country.

 It was nine years ago from now, on August 12, 2014 when respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the construction site of Pyongyang Baby Home and Pyongyang Orphanage.

 He had personally initiated the construction of Pyongyang Baby Home and Pyongyang Orphanage, selected the construction site at an excellent location with the noble view that children, with or without parents, are all successors to our revolution and the future pillars of the country. In June that year he personally visited the construction site and also worked on the blueprints several times.

 When he visited the construction site again in the searing heat of August that year, he indicated in detail the construction plans and methods. He also saw to it that the issues arising in the construction were given priority so that the project could be completed by October that year.


Thanks to the parental love of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who devoted his heart and soul to provide the parentless children with palatial home as soon as possible, Pyongyang Baby Home and Pyongyang Orphanage were built into modern child-care facilities in less than five months’ time, boasting of over 250 rooms including nursing rooms, education rooms, physical exercise rooms, intellectual games rooms and medical treatment rooms; outdoor and indoor playgrounds and parks.

 At the end of October that year, respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the completed Pyongyang Baby Home and Pyongyang Orphanage. He said that there would be no other homey place for children as these in the world and that he was so glad as if he had plucked a shining star off the sky, because the best and stylish house now stood ready for the kids without parents.

 He said that it is the intention of our Party to ensure that child-care and education facilities like Pyongyang Baby Home and Pyongyang Orphanage are built in every province in the future so that such children, though they are without parents, would grow up healthy in the best living conditions, receiving the best education. He also opened up new vistas for the undertaking.

 It is not merely Pyongyang Baby Home and Pyongyang Orphanage that are permeated with great efforts and deep care of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un for the sake of merry laughter of all the children across the country.


For the past several years alone, extracurricular education bases were given a facelift: schoolchildren’s palaces in every part of the country including Mangyongdae School Children’s Palace in Pyongyang, and children’s camps in scenic spots, namely Samjiyon at the foot of Mr. Paektu in the northern part of the country and Songdowon at the coast of the East Sea of Korea. Every year, all the schoolchildren across the country are supplied with new school uniforms, school bags and school things. All such provisions for children are permeated with his tender love befitting a father.

 Indeed, respected Comrade Kim Jong Un regards any work for the posterity as the national priority and derives inexhaustible strength from the happy faces of carefree children all across the country. Under his noble love, our children are regarded as kings and queens of the country and coming into full bloom as the future of the country.

-A Day of Moutaineering

 The Pyongyang Municipal Myohyangsan Children’s Camp for Mountaineering is situated in Mt Myohyang, one of the six celebrated mountains in Korea.


Students from Pyongyang come here and have a pleasant time feasting their eyes on exquisite rocks, ravines and falls which they used to see on books or TV, collecting plants and hunting “treasures.”

-Two Systems in Stark Contrast

 Cries of despair and fear for the future are now heard in many parts of the world as more and more children, the future of humanity, fall victim to all sorts of social vice such as murder and abuse.

 It came as a shock when a Japanese woman was recently reported to have murdered and burnt her infant child.

 Japan broke the record in 2022 with 115,762 reported cases of under-18 child abuse, out of which 2,181 cases were indicted.

 This fact alone suffices to show the extent of inveteracy of child abuse in Japan.

Such being the case, Japan is trying desperately to embellish the plight of its children, never failing to miss a single chance to hype up “promotion of a new and improved child and infant care policy”.

 The situation is no different from the U.S., a country that proudly boasts of “civilization”.

 The CBS recently broadcast the survey report of the State of Illinois, which revealed that as many as 2,000 children were subjected to sexual abuse by Catholic priests in the last seventy years (1950-2019), an exposé of a much more disgraceful situation than what had been revealed in the 2018 Report on Catholic sexual abuse situation in Pennsylvania.

 Meanwhile, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Report released in May, 305 under-15 minors are working longer hours or sweating with life-threatening and illegal night jobs. Such illegal employment has reached an all-time high since the 2011 fiscal year with more than 250,000 child laborers.

 The move is coming up in different parts of the U.S. to legalize child labor.

 Arkansas and Ohio enacted the bill in March removing a legislation that had prevented 14- to 15-year-olds from being employed without a work permit.  They were also allowed to work until 9 p.m., later than what is allowed by federal law.

 Children who should be adored as the future of the country are now falling victim to immorality and social vice, groaning in the abyss of death.

 Such is the reality of the capitalist society, clearly proving that the capitalist system is indeed the one with gloomy prospects, where children are reduced to an object of exploitation and slaves of money, rather than being protected by the society.

In stark contrast, children in the DPRK are called kings and queens of the country.


Our Party and the state are taking all necessary measures for our coming generation as we regard the work for them as an important undertaking for eternal prosperity of the motherland.

 Children in all parts of the country grow up happily, free from any worries and envy and materialize their dreams and wishes to their hearts’ content.

 Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un is of the view that genuine patriotism should be based on lofty outlook on posterity and that the government expenditure spent for our young generation is no expenditure at all.

 He thus instilled such a philosophy into the minds of the people that nothing would be spared for the sake of children.

 The whole country itself has become a large flower garden of socialism overflowing with affection of a family under his warm care.

 There are many moving stories telling of the noble virtues characteristic of our country, a large socialist family.


Among them are stories about a girl mother in Kangson who volunteered to raise children without parents, about a man who rescued others’ children before reaching out for his own drowning child, and about numerous fathers and mothers who devoted their invariable love for children without parents for scores of years.

 The days and nights of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un may as well be woven into a history of love for posterity.

 Thanks to his warm fatherly care, our children will grow up into reliable pillars and future masters of the powerful country, free from all worries.