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Expert outlines the future of Wagner group

An expert on Russia has said that it is possible that Wagner will be disbanded or its command will be handed over to the Ministry of Defense of Russia, and eventually this movement will continue to exist as a military brigade or battalion within the framework of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

Expert outlines the future of Wagner group

The expert, Hassan Beheshtipour, referred to the deadline announced by the Russian army for the withdrawal of Wagner elements from Syria and Libya, saying that the fact is that Wagner's withdrawal from Libya will weaken the position of the pro-Russian government in the east of this country.

The expert noted that this action of Russia shows that they felt threatened by Wagner and they want to control or neutralize any rebellion in the future by organizing this group.

“With this action, Moscow is looking for Wagner's management, and on the other hand, the Russian Ministry of Defense is also looking for it to be able to take command of this process,” he emphasized.