Judicial overhaul put Netanyahu under pressure: expert

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An expert on international issues has said that the U.S. president and his administration are acutely angry at the moves by the prime minister of the Israeli regime and that has led to the lack of U.S. support for Tel Aviv.

The expert, Sabah Zanganeh, spoke to ILNA about the consequences of judicial reforms in the Israeli regime and the growing wave of protest in the Israeli military. “We have been witnessing fragile social conditions in the occupied territories the main reason for which is the extremism of the Netanyahu-led faction and its partners in the Zionist regime’s government,” he said.

He pointed out that many of the inhabitants of the occupied territories have been protesting Netanyahu’s judicial reforms. “Now, many of them are in the streets of Tel Aviv, Haifa, and other regions holing demonstrations against Netanyahu,” Zanganeh continued.

Zanganeh also said that Netanyahu’s moves have angered the Biden administration, which led to the Biden administration to refrain from inviting Netanyahu to visit to Washington.

He noted that the Zionist regime of Israelis now suffering from a deep crisis.