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Netanyahu warns strikes may lead to end of Zionist regime

​The Zionist regime of Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned that strikes and protests against his judicial reform plans, which have caused people to refuse to join the Israeli army, would translate into a collapse of the regime in the occupied territories.

Netanyahu warns strikes may lead to end of Zionist regime

Netanyahu said late on Monday that that Israel cannot remain without an army and the public refusal to join the military would mean an end of the regime, according to remarks quoted in a report by the Arabic version of the Sputnik news agency.

Netanyahu was reacting to ongoing protests in the occupied territories of Palestine. Thousands of army reservists have refused call-ups for training amid the protests that have been caused by plans to give Netanyahu and his cabinet more control over selection of judges in the Zionist regime’s supreme court.

Reports late on Monday suggested that Netanyahu and the Zionist regime’s top minister of national security Itamar Ben-Gvir had reached an agreement to delay the reform plans.

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