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For Bright Future of Posterity: DPRK

General Secretary Kim Jong Un has photo session with Delegates to 9th Congress of Korean Children’s Union on January 1, 2023

For Bright Future of Posterity: DPRK

-Law on Childcare, A Unique Law of Tender Loving Care

 The law on childcare was adopted in the DPRK at the 6th Session of the 14th Supreme People’s Assembly held in early February 2022. It is the most superior socialist law which provides all conditions for bringing up our children as the kings and queens of the country and as the pillars of the future.

 At the 3rd Plenary Meeting of the 8th WPK Central Committee, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un set it as the greatest desire of our Party and state to provide more improved fostering conditions even at the cost of a huge sum of money, stressing that no work is more important than bringing up our children in good condition. He also took a step to ensure that the state set as its policy to provide the children across the country with dairy products and other nutritional food.

 The newly adopted law on childcare stipulates that the childcare-related work is a work of national and social importance and that it is an important communist policy to bring up the children at the expense of the state and society.

 There is a clause in this law which touches the hearts of all people.

 The State shall establish a well-organized system of production and supply for children’s nutritional food, provide all children with dairy products and other nutritional food free of charge on a regular basis and ensure the best fostering conditions.

 What the state suffers loss for the posterity is not the loss; the more fund we spend on the work for children, the brighter the future of country will be. This is the noble view on posterity and firm political creed cherished by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

 In May 2022 when the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un was so busy leading the struggle to shield the laughter and future of the people across the country from the threat of malignant disease, he gave a valuable teaching that dairy products should be provided to all the families with children.

 To dedicate himself to the rising generation even when we are in a worse situation; to move forward towards the future of communism with the might of that love. This is just his immutable love for rising generation.

 Indeed, each and every article of the law on childcare is permeated with the unshakeable will and noble aspiration of the Workers’ Party of Korea which regards the children as the most precious beings in the world and spares nothing for them.

 Even at this moment, in every part of the world, there are children in their infancy who suffer from hunger and diseases, fall victim to unseasonable natural disasters and endless conflicts, and wander with their parents seeking refuge at their most apt age for learning and playing.

 But in our country, the Party and government, which hold dear millions of children, provided all mothers with the unique law on childcare – an affectionate letter of assurance about child upbringing. With this law, the happy laughter and singing voices of our children are reverberating far and wide.

 When we think about the law on childcare, the great law of love for posterity, we bear in our mind what the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said. He said that if the rising generation born on this land are growing well in a good environment, the national power of our Republic will gain as much strength.


-Future of the Bereaved Children is in Bloom Under Benevolent Bosom

 February 1st is a meaningful day. It marks the 6th anniversary of Comrade Kim Jong Un’s visit to the newly-built Pyongyang Primary School for Orphans where he left traces of love.

The noble view of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un on posterity and future goes down forever in Pyongyang Primary School for Orphans. He has devoted all of his warm love and affection to our bereaved children so that they grow up in an upright, spirited and cheerful way without a heavy heart.


 Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who spares nothing for the upbringing of the posterity proposed establishing the school in person and gave guidance on its blueprint several times. He provided solutions for each and every one of the issues arising in its construction to ensure that the school be built magnificently in a short period of time to meet the requirements of the new century.

 Upon hearing the report that the school was completed, he was immensely rejoiced and visited it even though he was heavily preoccupied with the work to take care of lots of state affairs.

 He looked around with satisfaction music and dance classroom, Children’s Union meeting room, nature classroom and bedroom, dining room, barbershop and infirmary in the dormitory as well as the school buildings which were built on multi-functional and IT basis and, in which, all the spaces in the corridor were distinctively fixed up as the halls of knowledge and commonsense. He also personally studied children in class.

 He gave a valuable teaching to be served as a guideline in raising overall standard of education in our country including higher education by raising the standard of primary education. He also had a photo session with the children in place of their fathers that would be handed down forever in history.


Indeed, his tender loving care permeates each and every corner of the school, be it a classroom or teaching aids and furnishings, which keeps the harmony of a good educational environment and living condition.

 There are many countries in the world. And, from the olden times, there is a saying that parents have a heavy load to raise one child. But nowhere in the world can be found such a leader as that of our country who concerns himself with the work to care for education and life of the bereaved children with fatherly affection and love.

 That is why foreigners who visited the Pyongyang Primary School for Orphans spoke out their minds that they were greatly moved by love and care for the bereaved children being shown by Kim Jong Un, President of the State Affairs. They said that they came to have a clear understanding of the DPRK’s policy where the state provides for education and cultivation as well as living conditions for the orphans; they had been to many educational institutions, but they had never seen such a school as this one which provides orphans with such excellent learning and living conditions; they got a better knowledge of what a deep attention the Party and the government of the DPRK is showing to the issue of education of the young generation, the bereaved children in particular.

 Indeed, thanks to the benevolent embrace of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who puts the work for the posterity as the foremost task of the Party and the state and brings into bloom the bright future of the children of the whole country, our children’s bright and cheerful laughter and songs will reverberate far and wide as the trumpet of advance and victory of our vibrant fatherland.


-Good Companions of Children

 The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has built factories for producing various quality school supplies, and provides kindergarteners and students with them.


In 2022, the state provided school uniforms, footwear and bags to the freshers of schools of various levels across the country at its expense, as well as school things to kindergarteners. Haebaragi-brand and Turumi-brand school things have become close companions of the children and students of the country.








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