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Palestinian Prisoners to Continue Hunger Strike

Thirty Palestinian prisoners who are on hunger strike for the ninth day in Israeli jails are set to continue their protest against being held under so-called administrative detention.

 Palestinian Prisoners to Continue Hunger Strike

A statement released on behalf of the prisoners confirmed that they will continue their "battle" and hope that the Palestinian people "will continue supporting" their cause.

The prisoners described administrative detention as "arbitrary, Nazi, sadist and immoral." The system allows Palestinian prisoners — it is never used for Israeli Jews — to be held indefinitely with neither charge nor trial, based on secret evidence.

"This detention policy, which is illegal, is implemented against the Palestinians and seen as normal and even legal and moral," said the prisoners. "All we want is freedom and dignity, as well as a quiet life with our children, wives, mothers, fathers and brothers away from bitter administrative detention."

The prisoners insisted that they have taken the "final" decision that they will not surrender before putting an end to the "arbitrary" detention which prevents them from living with their loved ones.

Hope Hunger People Protest Well
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