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Bringing Up Children to Be Pillars of Prosperous Korea

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, visits the Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace in Pyongyang, DPRK, successfully remodeled as required by the new century

Bringing Up Children to Be Pillars of Prosperous Korea

Our Future Guaranteed by National Power

On the occasion of the military parade in celebration of 90th anniversary of the founding of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army which demonstrated the phenomenal development of the armed forces of the Republic, the world people are raising their voices of admiration and reverence for the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who accomplished the great cause of enriching and strengthening the country and provided the most powerful national strength which guarantees the future of the coming generations.

It is the world of today where the weak, though blessed with immense wealth, must be trampled underfoot by high-handedness and arbitrariness of the strong, and children like flower buds must be sent on the aimless road to seek shelter to avoid suffering from the vortex of war.

UNICEF recently revealed that the number of cases where children were harmed by armed conflicts in the last ten years reached more than 170,000. In 2019 alone, the number of child refugees amounted to 19 million.

However, millions of children in our country are giving full play to their dreams and hopes, and growing into the masters of future, never knowing of the word “war” thanks to the undying devotion made by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who provided the powerful self-defense capacity which can win an overwhelming victory over any enemy even in the face of the worst trial no other country in this world ever experienced.

The dream-like reality is unthinkable apart from the determination and will of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, who chose and led the road to bolster up the most powerful self-defense capacity, saying that we must be powerful, before everything else, for the sake of our future generations.

Children’s singing voices and laughter are resounding through baby homes, children’s homes, schools, camps, children’s hospitals and palaces which have been built in every part of the country in the 10 year-long-journey of strengthening the national power which would go down forever even in the remote future as a legend of love for future.

The world people are speaking with the warmest praise that they can see the bright future of Korea, looking up to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who cemented the strongest national power to defend the children’s laughter even in the throes of the adversity nobody has ever experienced.

The future of Korea will be bright and promising forever as we hold in high esteem the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who is taming tyranny of injustice by dint of war deterrence of justice, and defending the prosperity of all generations to come, and the future of the country.

Supreme Incarnation of Love for Posterity and Future

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, the supreme incarnation of love for posterity and future, spares nothing for younger generation. His endless love is also permeated in Songdowon International Children’s Camp.

In May 2013, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un personally visited Songdowon International Children’s Camp and mapped out a plan to wonderfully transform the camp, which is permeated with the leadership exploits of the great leaders, as required by the new era.

On April 20, 2014, he again looked around the camp just before its completion.


He warmly said that there were obstacles and difficulties during the reconstruction but the hardships were fully rewarded; if we undergo hardships for a year, the fatherland will advance for ten years; how wonderful it is that we have reconstructed the camp like this; we carry on revolution for such satisfaction.

In May 2014, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un personally took part in the inaugural ceremony of the camp and spent the whole day with children watching the final game of National Boy’s Football Competition, congratulatory performance and splendid fireworks. He also sent more than 860 pieces of present of more than 40 kinds including various cultural goods to be used by campers in their cultural and leisure activities, cooking devices, gymnastic apparatus, computers etc.


Many schoolchildren across the country gained precious memories unforgettable in their lifetime in this camp which was newly refurbished into a wonderland full of happiness under the benevolence of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un. And during winter camping, they spent happy days, skiing to their hearts’ content at Masikryong Ski Resort.

Under the warm fatherly care of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who is considerate enough to permit not a single pinprick of shade on children’s face, schoolchildren from flood-stricken areas in North Hamgyong Province had a meaningful camping here in 2016. Such moving scene touched all people’s hearts.

Children from other countries and foreigners who visited the camp can hardly refrain from expressing their admiration, saying as follows: “I really envy the members of the Korean Children’s Union who are singing and dancing to their hearts’ content in Songdowon International Children’s Camp, a children’s palace without parallel in the world. I would like to enjoy camping in Songdowon with Korean children, if I could be born once again.”

“It is surprising that ordinary children are camping free of charge in the camp situated in the excellent location. It is not easy for the state to shoulder all the costs needed for camping. This can happen only in Korea.”

Indeed, happy laughter and song of “We are the happiest in the world” sung by our children will resound forever as we hold up the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un as the father of the great socialist family who regards the children as the kings and queens of the country, and the pillars to prop up the future of the fatherland.

Blooming Flower Buds Under Benevolent Sun

A bud of talent does not open by itself in any society.

In capitalist countries, where selfishness is predominant and everything is measured by money, children cannot realize their dreams without money no matter how gifted they are.

The rising generations in capitalist world cannot be assured of their future, as their future is eclipsed by their position foretold by the commonplace tragic phrases like “refugee children”, “maltreatment of children” or “deathbed words of a child.”

An abandonment of infants has been legalized, so that new-born babies are thrown out on the streets. And the buds of talent of the children fade away hopelessly even before they open. This is the terrible reality of the United States which is trumpeting “human rights” and “civilization.”

In our country, there is a five-year-old girl who surprised the world with her exceptional painting skill.

She has the skill of drawing flower, bamboo, pigeon etc. with a single stroke of brush.

Attracted to her talent, one businessman from a capitalist country asked her if she would be his foster daughter.

The girl, having been brought up taking all the benefits for granted, naively asked back if she can learn at school or go to hospital free of charge in his country. Her simple question made the businessman and other people fall in deep thoughts.


The children’s talents are highly valued and cared to come into full bloom in our country, as they are regarded as kings and queens of the country.

Thanks to the parental love of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who pays deep care to bringing up the children to be the happiest in the world, Kyongsang Kindergarten has become renowned as an early-stage music education center that has brought up many world-class music prodigies like Choe Jang Hung, Ma Sin A, Choe Ji Ye and Han Su Ryo.

Underlining the importance of intellectual development of preschool-age children, respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the Kindergarten twice a year and took every possible measure for raising prominent musical prodigies in large numbers.

In those days, innovative teaching methods have been developed and actively utilized for raising children with outstanding musical sensibilities into world-class musical prodigies. Those methods include “Sinbigyong/Spectacular View”, an education-support program for children, and “Close Friend”, a new e-textbook of our style for kindergarteners, which meets the trend of modern education, the pedagogical demands and the children’s minds.

At the 24th and 27th International Frédéric Chopin Piano Competitions for Children and Youth held respectively in 2016 and 2019 in Szafarnia, Poland, our children performed a skillful virtuosity and displayed ample artistic emotion, enjoying high praises from the jury. They unanimously said that the young pianists from the DPRK left a deep impression on all of them and what drew their attention is the advanced early-stage music education system in the DPRK – the country that presents such excellent music prodigies every year.

Any good seeds can only bear good fruits when they are planted on fertile land.

Thanks to the benevolent care of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who gives top priority to the upbringing of rising generations, many musical prodigies will continue to grow up in the Kyongsang Kindergarten.

Unbelievable Mysterious Reality

It is said that schoolchildren in the DPRK are enjoying the benefits of extracurricular activities to their hearts’ contents in all children’s palaces and camps which were built splendidly in different parts of the country. Then, do all schoolchildren in the country enjoy the same benefits?

Is it true that the state bears all the costs entirely?

We often witness that foreigners become so much dubious and raise these questions whenever they receive the news that our schoolchildren give full play to their talents thanks to the policy of the universal free education.

No wonder that they have such doubts.

When we look alone at the realities of some Western countries which are alleged to introduce free education advocating “education equality”, it is said that the inequality in distribution of educational resources, irregularities and corruption, acts of racial discrimination are rampant, and qualitative differences between fee-paying and free education are getting ever more serious.

The free education in capitalist countries, which is funded by the governments of relevant provinces and cities, constantly leans towards cutting costs by decreasing teaching staff and the number of classes and lessons with limited resources as an excuse. As a result, it has become a commonplace that the children of ordinary people receive half-baked education in public schools while the children of the rich family receive professional education and extracurricular lessons in well-equipped private schools.

In some Western capitalist countries, it is said that many public school students have only an outline of the already learnt subjects, and nearly 40% of graduates are not good even at their mother tongue, far from the knowledge that is necessary to get jobs. Does such free education bring the children of working people to the bright future or push them to the darkness?

For ordinary working people who must pay all sorts of taxes and maintain their livelihood on a scanty income in capitalist countries where unemployment and poverty are increasing day by day, it is easier said than done to provide their children with the extracurricular education besides the main school courses.

However, in our socialist system, all the children are receiving the same free education without discrimination whether they are children of workers or farmers, and they are growing up as the pillars of the future, conducting the extracurricular activities free of charge according to their desires and aptitudes in children's palaces, children's halls and camps which are built in every nook and cranny of the country. It is only too natural that world people are surprised at this.

Among the countless extracurricular bases, there is also the Songdowon International Children’s Camp which was imposingly built enabling not only our children but also the school children from various countries of the world to come and enjoy camping.

This place only elicits endless admiration as its interior facilities such as bedrooms, restaurants, theatres, all kinds of study rooms and recreation rooms were built at world level, not worse than a top-class hotel, and aquariums, aviary, gymnasiums, outdoor paddling pools, and all sorts of recreation facilities are well matched with distinguishing buildings depicting a sailing ship.

The personages from various countries who visited here expressed their feelings like this:

They would be blessed with lifelong memory if they had visited here once and it is their wish to frolic with the children in such a wonderful place as long as they want. Such impressions let one guess enough the splendidness of this Camp.

The world people might have less knowledge about the fact that this splendid palace of the children was not built by a fund or sponsor like in other countries, but by the state within shortest time under the direct leadership of the leader.

The benevolent father respected Comrade Kim Jong Un personally proposed the reconstruction project of the Songdowon International Children’s Camp and come to the windy reconstruction field even two times. He said there were obstacles and difficulties during the reconstruction but the hardships were fully rewarded; if we undergo hardships for a year, the fatherland will advance for ten years. And he was so satisfied with the reconstruction process.

He also participated in the grand completion ceremony to congratulate the completion of the Camp and attended the sports and cultural festival together with the children all day long and blessed their promising future. Nowhere in the world can be found such a great leader, a benevolent farther of the children.

Every monumental projects completed on this land for the children of ordinary workers is marked with countless unprecedented great and noble legends of love for posterity and love for future.

Then, let us see why the world people do not know well about the reality of our Republic that devotes everything for people and find it difficult to believe it.

That is because the dirty and tricky acts of the anti-DPRK hostile forces make the public blind and deaf. They try to hide the very fact that there is a society where the popular masses are regarded as the most sacred beings by resorting to all possible means to distort the reality of socialist system while vilifying and slandering it.

They have one and only purpose. That is to restrain the growing hopes and aspirations for independence of their own people and to maintain their anti-popular political regime and privileged position.

































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