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General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea Kim Jong Un sent the letter "Demonstrate to the Full the Might of the Socialist Patriotic Youth League on the Historic March towards a Fresh Victory in the Revolution" to the Tenth Congress of the Youth League on April 29, 2021.

General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea Kim Jong Un sent the letter "Demonstrate to the Full the Might of the Socialist Patriotic Youth League on the Historic March towards a Fresh Victory in the Revolution" to the Tenth Congress of the Youth League on April 29, 2021.

The full text of the letter is as follows:

Amid the characteristic revolutionary enthusiasm of the young people of Korea soaring high in their advance towards the new direction indicated by the Eighth Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea, the Tenth Congress of the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League has been held successfully.

This congress has reaffirmed with dignity the faith and determination of the millions of young people to remain absolutely faithful to the leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea and to demonstrate to the full their heroic spirit and bravery in the implementation of its cause. It has also discussed and decided on important issues arising in developing the youth movement in our country to a new stage.

I am gratified that, thanks to the high-running passion and active participation by all the delegates, this congress has achieved meaningful successes for innovating and developing the work of the youth league, and I extend warm congratulations to you in the name of the Party Central Committee.

Availing myself of this opportunity, I extend warm militant greetings to other dependable young men and women across the country, who are adding lustre to their fulfilling youth as they cherish loyalty to the Party and the revolution as their invaluable honour and pride.

My warm greetings also go to all our overseas young compatriots including those in Japan, who are stoutly carrying forward the patriotic traditions for the prosperity of their socialist homeland and the rosy future of their nation.

Along the road of advance and development of our revolution over the past five years, there have taken place new and important changes in the youth movement as well.

Boys and girls have joined the ranks of youth, young people of yesterday have joined the main forces of society, and the environment and conditions of youth work have witnessed many changes.

However, the laudable traits of our young people, who advance straight forward with vigour following the Party and who love waging the revolution and working, have continued to be demonstrated on a high plane.

The faithful millions of young people have always been a fortress for our Party which is leading the revolution to a great leap braving the worst-ever challenges, and numerous are resourceful and trustworthy young men and women who have associated their ideals and ambitions with the Party's intentions and gone through fire and water.

In this world, where the young generation are pursuing their own comfort and luxury, there are no revolutionary young people like ours, who, accepting difficulties and trials with pleasure, are faithful to the call of their motherland, who are honest to their society and collectives and who work with devotion for the future.

After the Eighth Party Congress, young men and women across the country have risen up as one, and in a few months after the congress thousands of them have volunteered to work in the difficult and challenging sectors; these deeds as heroic as going to the frontline at wartime and blocking the gun muzzles of enemy pillboxes with their chests show in a concentrated way the ennobling spiritual world cherished by our young people only.

That our Party, which is waging the revolution, has trained its reliable successors and has young promising major forces is its greatest asset which cannot be compared to anything; it is also a source of its greatest pride.

This confirms that our Party and people, by overcoming the trials of today, can open a new era of socialist construction and vigorously advance towards communism.

The Korean revolution originated in the youth movement, and its every upsurge coincided with an upsurge of the youth movement.

Also in opening a new era of a fresh upsurge and massive transformation in the revolution as indicated by the Party congress, our youth movement must play a powerful, militant role through a great change in its development.

Our Party is planning to turn the forthcoming five years into substantial five years of radical development in the construction of our style of socialism, into five years of another great change by racing against time.

And by launching without interruption a gigantic struggle of the next stage, it is going to build ours within about 15 years into a powerful and prosperous socialist country in which all the people enjoy happiness.

Its intention to struggle to attain such an ambitious goal in the present situation is just for the sake of our young people. And in doing this, it believes in their ardent aspiration and unquenchable strength.

The bright future of our style of socialism belongs to the young people, and it is a sacred, patriotic cause which they themselves must bring earlier.

This is why the Party, in giving full play to the giant strength of the large contingent of our young people and definitely turning the youth movement into a great force for socialist construction, has paid special attention to this congress.

The congress adopted a meaningful resolution on renaming the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League, Socialist Patriotic Youth League.

The new name of the youth league directly and clearly reflects the nature and tasks of the youth movement at the present stage of our revolution, indicates in an intensive way the ideals and traits of the young people in our era, and sustains the characteristics unique to it as an organization of young people.

Also reflected in it is the great expectation of the Party and people that all our young people will train themselves into patriots, who prize socialism as their own life itself and fight staunchly for its victory down through generations, and that their organization will give free rein to its might as a shock brigade in socialist construction.

The change of the name of the youth league does not mean the change of the intrinsic nature of our young people's organization that regards modelling itself on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism as its ultimate goal, as its ultimate fighting task.

Socialism and patriotism are symbolic of the immortal revolutionary ideology and achievements of the great Comrades Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

Ardently loving the Juche-oriented socialist country closely associated with the brilliant careers of the great leaders and fighting for the accomplishment of the socialist cause immediately means remaining faithful to Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.

As a new landmark has been set up at this congress for the development of the Korean youth movement, the SPYL should focus an all-out effort on performing the heavy mission and tasks entrusted by the times and the revolution.

To train all young people into patriots who staunchly defend socialism and work with devotion for its construction-this is the basic task facing the youth league at present.

The SPYL should give full play to its militant might in the new historic advance of our revolution and usher in the golden days of the Korean youth movement.

The first major task of the SPYL is to orient all its work to making all young people patriots who have cherished socialism as an element of their faith.

Socialism is our people's life and blood, and young people are masters and builders of its future.

However, because they were born and grew up in the period when the country was experiencing hardships, young people nowadays lack in practical experience in and conception of the genuine advantages of our own style of socialism and, worse still, some of them have a misguided understanding of it.

No matter how many difficulties may crop up and no matter how many things we may have to do, nothing is more urgent and important than to train the next generation of our revolution into dependable motive force of socialist construction.

Young people are at the stage when their outlook on the world is formed and consolidated, so the primary undertaking of youth league organizations is to educate them to cherish socialism as an element of their unshakable faith.

Youth league organizations should continuously intensify the work of arming young people firmly with the socialist ideology.

It is important to teach them theoretically and through comparison what kind of society is socialism and what are its essential features and advantages.

In particular, they should firmly imbue them with the collectivist idea, the kernel of the socialist and communist ideology, by linking it with the proud reality of our society, so as to encourage them to regard the slogan "One for all and all for one!" as a requirement for themselves.

Our socialist country has attained great national might and prestige, our system is a benevolent one which takes full responsibility for the people's dignity, rights, interests and rosy future and guarantee them, and our great socialist family is full of ennobling and unique virtue and traits which no other societies can imitate or copy by any means. It is necessary to ensure that our young people take all these as a source of their pride and dignity.

Youth league organizations should steadily and in every way possible educate all young people, so that they are well aware of how valuable are the benefits our socialist system bestows on the people, the rising generations in particular, in the face of harsh trials.

One's faith in socialism can be further consolidated when they are convinced of its validity, inevitability of its victory, law-governed nature of the implementation of its cause.

Crystallized in our Party's policies are absolutely correct path and strategy and tactics for building our style of socialism successfully by smashing all sorts of obstacles.

To instil, by representing the Party's intentions, genuine ideals and hopes in young people who aspire after new things and burn with passion and encourage them to perform feats should be part of the routine activities of the organizations of our young people.

Youth league organizations should bring the quintessence of our Party's policies home to young people and make scrupulous arrangements for their implementation, so as to inspire them to turn out in the patriotic struggle for contributing to socialist construction full of confidence and optimism.

What is important today in training our young people into patriots who have cherished socialism as an element of their faith is to encourage them to learn from the ideological traits and fighting spirit of the young people in the Chollima era.

As they accepted the ideals of socialism and communism as an element of their faith, the young people in the 1950s and 1960s created miracles of Chollima and built the most advantageous socialism on this land through their painstaking efforts.

Youth league organizations should conduct education among young people in a novel and substantial manner by means of the loyalty to the Party, courage, heroic feats and laudable deeds the young people in the legendary Chollima era demonstrated, and thereby ensure that they all resolutely rise up in the struggle to live as their precedents did and bring earlier the bright future of socialism.

In addition, they should wage an uncompromising struggle against the capitalist ideology, selfishness and other reactionary ideological elements which run counter to socialism and collectivism. In this way, they can make young people solidify their faith in socialism.

The second major task facing the SPYL is to train all young people into honourable builders of socialism in the practical struggle for carrying out the decisions of the Eighth Party Congress.

The mettle and traits of young people filled with patriotic zeal are refined and developed through practical activities, the course of training, for fulfilling the mission their generation has assumed for history.

The Eighth Party Congress set the most scientific and development-oriented goals for making our style of socialism stronger and wealthier and clarified concrete tasks for the political, economic, military, cultural and all other fields.

Our Party's prospective objective in socialist construction is precisely the ideals of our young people, and any gigantic transformation can hardly be expected apart from the enterprising and proactive endeavours of the masses of young people.

That we have put forward young people as a shock brigade in socialist construction is not merely aimed at stepping up the revolutionary work by enlisting their surging might; the main objective is to train them, our reserves, into valiant young fighters and builders of socialism who remain unyielding in the face of any difficulties.

In the current times when we have to carry out enormous revolutionary tasks in unprecedentedly grim circumstances, our young people should hold high the slogan "Let us demonstrate the mettle of patriotic youth in the worthwhile struggle for socialist construction!"

Youth league organizations should ensure that all young people bear in mind the high honour and pride in being socialist patriotic youth and fully demonstrate their resourcefulness and courage in implementing the decisions of the Eighth Party Congress.

Whereas our Workers' Party members become initial sparks and vanguard fighters in the struggle for implementing Party policy, our young people should become the flames and a shock brigade.

Young people should kindle a fierce flame of creation and innovation in carrying out the five-year plan.

Youth league organizations should proactively inspire the enthusiasm and creative initiative of the masses of young people and steadily encourage and assist them so that they unfailingly carry out their quota of the national economic plan by day, month and quarter. In this way, they can prevent the plan of their work from remaining an empty talk.

Miracle cannot be wrought by itself; it can be created only when the strength of the collective is enlisted and a strong wind of competition is raised.

Youth league organizations should substantially conduct the movements of youth shock brigade, youth subworkteam and youth workteam and various other mass movements in the direction of intensifying the campaigns in which one learns from others, overtakes them and swaps experience with them, and thus make all the fronts of economic construction seethe with collective and collaborative innovation by young people.

They should ensure that young people volunteer to take the lead and make breakthroughs in undertaking hard and challenging tasks facing their respective fields and units and, in this course, many labour innovators and heroes who set new standards and records and perform feats are produced.

They should render active support to the laudable young people who volunteer to work in the hard and challenging sectors and give wide publicity to them. And they should give unsparing organizational encouragement to them so that they can carry their admirable decisions and ideals through to the end.

The present vibrant times that require fresh innovation, bold creation and a steady advance is a theatre of activities for young people who are possessed of modern science and technology and the spirit of tireless inquiry.

Youth league organizations, by organizing and conducting a young people's march for scientific and technological innovation more proactively, should help them present a host of new techniques, inventions and technical conceptions and become competent and promising talents who can lead the struggle for increased production and creation by dint of science and technology.

They should vigorously inspire the young people on the science front and university students to keep in their minds the fact that the future of socialist construction hinges upon their brains and scientific and technological qualifications and throw heart and soul into mastering the cutting-edge science and technology in their specialist fields with dauntless courage and ambition with which to compete with the world.

National defence is the most important of state affairs that cannot be neglected even for a moment in accomplishing the socialist cause and the most ennobling mission devolving on the hot-blooded young people.

Youth league organizations should educate young people to link the affairs of national defence with their youth and cherish the patriotic mind of regarding military service as their greatest honour and pride, and continuously educate them to be always ready for defending the country and coping with any unexpected contingencies.

The youth league organizations in the field of armed forces should guide all the young service personnel to perform distinguished services and feats in their military service for making their socialist country's defence line impregnable and defending the safety of the people. They should also direct strenuous efforts to their ideological and spiritual development in order that they can play a core role at the posts of socialist construction in the future as they did in the days of their military service.

The third major task facing the SPYL is to train young people into genuine masters of socialist morality and culture.

In stepping up socialist construction, our Party is paying special attention to maintaining, inheriting and developing the excellent morality and culture unique to our society.

The powerful socialist country we are building must be superior and advanced in the moral and cultural aspects as well, and young people should play a very big role in this effort.

A country whose young people are sound in morality and civilized remains unwavering whatever the circumstances and can make steady progress, but no future is in store for a country whose younger generation is deteriorated.

Our Party's intention is to ensure that the beautiful and fine socialist morality and climate of cultural life created by the preceding generations of our revolution are inherited invariably and exalt their brilliance by the coming generations.

Youth league organizations should regard it as an important task of ensuring continuity of the lifeline of the socialist cause to establish an ennobling moral traits and a climate of rich cultural life, and carry on this undertaking in a responsible way.

It is necessary to correctly implant into young people a correct view of morality which is based on the good manners and customs of our nation and collectivism so as to lay a solid foundation of moral life and traits in them from the start.

The words and acts, hairstyles and attire of young people bespeak themselves the result of the work of youth league organizations to which they belong.

Youth league organizations should make strong demands on their members to learn fully the etiquette like decorum in speech and way of greeting and public morality and observe them willingly, and to acquire the habit of always keeping their outward appearance neat and decent.

It is our Party's intention and ideal that the more the trials and difficulties in the struggle of socialist construction, the fuller play the communist trait of helping and leading one another forward should be given, so as to accomplish our style of socialism by dint of moral excellence and tender feelings.

Our Party hopes that the ennobling communist moral excellence of sharing others' sorrows and happiness will become part of the life of young people, and that more of the laudable deeds that showcase the true appearance of our era will be displayed among them.

Youth league organizations should pay particular attention to helping their members improve their cultural standards and play the role of pioneer in creating a new socialist civilization.

What is of importance here is to conduct without interruption education by means of artistic and literary works like the revolutionary songs, poems and novels in conformity to the features of young people and widely arrange different political and cultural activities like oratorical contests and public presentations in order for them always to live in a sound and ennobling way with rich cultural attainments.

Youth league organizations and young people should take the lead in the effort to make the whole country brim over with delight, optimism and vigour by briskly conducting the mass-based sports, cultural and artistic activities.

At present the dangerous poison that blemishes the original features of socialism is the anti-socialist and non-socialist practices.

Now a large-scale clean-up operation to wipe out these practices is underway on a nationwide scale. It is another class struggle, a patriotic struggle, to defend the purity and future of our young people and to provide them with a more wonderful home of socialism.

The youth league should mobilize its efforts to the maximum and call all young people to the struggle against these practices.

It should turn the struggle against the reactionary ideology and culture, malignant tumors, into work of young people themselves by educating them to have a clear understanding of their harmful effects and consequences, and should never compromise with even the slightest elements that would foment the anti-socialist and non-socialist practices among young people and gnaw away their healthy spirit.

The main thing is to be sensitive to the abnormal behaviours and psychological changes among young people, grasp all the possibilities of the infiltration of heterogeneous lifestyle, and take preventive measures, so as to defend the destiny of young people in a thoroughgoing way.

With an understanding that the struggle against the anti-socialist and non-socialist practices is a fierce confrontation, in which we cannot yield even an inch, the entire youth league should mobilize the millions of young people to resolutely root out the negative sprouts and the poisonous weeds by dint of the ardent sense of justice and positive influence.

Our Party has innumerable tasks in its youth work, but it is its view that the SPYL can carry out its honourable mission and duties it has assumed before the times and the revolution if it orients its work to implementing the above-mentioned three tasks.

In order to raise the youth movement to a new, high level as required by the developing times and revolution, the fighting efficiency of the SPYL should be strengthened in every way possible.

All the young people can be trained into patriots, who work with devotion for socialist construction, and youth league work conducted energetically only when its organizations that are responsible for the political life of young people improve their functions and role.

Youth league organizations should concentrate their efforts to its internal work as befits their mission and tasks.

A well-knit system of conveying the Party's lines and policies to all youth league organizations accurately and in time and carrying them out unconditionally should be set up, and strict discipline of following the Party's instructions to the letter established within them.

It is important to make the organizational and ideological life of the youth league regularized and standardized, and improve guidance over this work.

Internal education system including study sessions and public lectures should be operated on a regular basis and visits to the revolutionary battlefields, revolutionary sites and other educational bases organized in a substantial way, so as to consistently intensify the five-point education and make all types of the youth league work become an effective process of ideological education.

The youth league organizations should strictly guard against the tendency towards the ceremonial and stylish manner of educational work for young people, and continuously find out and apply fresh educational methods to increase the permeability and educative influence of ideology in conformity with the ideological sentiments, emotions and level of consciousness of young people in our era.

As young people are sensitive to the new, measures should be taken to make an effective use of developed IT means as well as various means of education including mass media and multimedia presentations for educating them.

What is the main thing in guiding the organizational life of the youth league members is to make them have a clear understanding of the rules and regulations of their organization and create a climate of strictly observing them in any conditions and environment.

Some youth league organizations do not hold their organizational life review sessions and general membership meetings on a regular basis nor give their members assignments, existing in name only. Such bad practices should be overcome.

Those young people who are involved in illegal and criminal acts are, without exception, separated from their organizations or dislike control by them.

The youth league, by regarding it as the most urgent task to solve the problem of the young people who are separated from their organizations or have not registered themselves on their organizations, should ensure that even a single young person is not outside the organizational guidance and care. It should steadily and methodologically conduct the education of its members who have something questionable in carrying out their revolutionary tasks and in their economic and moral lives.

The guarantee for the consolidation of the entire youth league lies in building up and strengthening its grass-roots organizations.

The youth league should continue to hold up the slogan "Let the whole league help the primary organizations!"

It should direct great efforts to helping the chairpersons of primary organizations conduct their work by themselves, and should undertake in a substantial manner the work of creating model primary organizations and generalizing their experiences.

What needs primary attention here is to ensure that the organizations at higher echelons arrange their work effectively in conformity with the actual situations of the primary organizations and give detailed assignments so as to make them work full of enthusiasm, and strictly supervise and control how the assignments are implemented.

In strengthening the grass-roots organizations, it is important to increase the ranks of hard-core members and enhance their role.

The entire youth league should launch a vigorous drive to emulate the models of the times, and the grass-roots organizations, too, should strive to find out and put forward young people who can be called models, and encourage their hard-core members to proactively educate and transform laggards. By doing so, they can increase the ranks of patriotic young people.

Mindful of their position in the effort for strengthening and developing youth league organizations and guiding the organizational life of their members, city and county youth league committees should scrupulously arrange the work of consolidating the primary organizations and training their members through organizational life.

The central, provincial, city and county youth league committees must not reveal such deviations as giving social tasks to their lower-level organizations without consideration and thus preventing them from conducting their internal work properly.

A proper working system and order should be established in conformity with the changed reality and prevailing situation.

It is necessary to readjust the structure and ranks of the youth league organizations at all levels, ranging from the Central Committee to the provincial, city and county committees, and give clear-cut assignments to them so that they can satisfactorily perform their role as the general staff in organizing and conducting the education of young people and the education of young people is firmly based on reality.

Now the number of the youth league members is decreasing and various irrationalities in guiding their organizational life have been revealed in the countryside and some other areas and units. Therefore, measures should be taken to rationalize the composition of the grass-roots organizations and improve the system whereby the organizational life is conducted.

In order to bring about a substantial turn in the work of the youth league, its officials should decisively improve their role and sense of responsibility.

The key to strengthening the youth league is to enhance the role and qualifications of its officials.

Now some youth league officials, with a temporary attitude, are inclined to dillydally, trying to merely serve their terms, far from devoting themselves to their work.

Without wiping out such a temporary and irresponsible attitude revealed in this organization, no innovative change can be expected in the work with young people.

Youth league officials, fully aware that they are political workers who train young people into genuine socialist builders and patriots and with the attitude that they take responsibility for their future as well as their present, should engage themselves proactively in youth league work.

With broad political vision, soaring zeal, determined drive and high leadership ability, they should make sincere efforts to carry out their tasks perfectly one by one, and launch every undertaking in a bold and innovative way with creative thinking.

All youth league officials should become intimate propagators who go deep among young people and explain Party policy in simple terms and their faithful assistants who lead them along the right track while sharing weal and woe with them.

They should also become versatile persons outstanding both internally and externally, who are firmly armed with the Party's revolutionary ideas and outlook and possessed of multi-faceted knowledge, high cultural attainments, noble virtue and warm humanity.

It is needed for the entire youth league to organize short courses, gaining experience in reality, continuous education and other effective activities to improve the qualifications of its officials and direct particular effort to fully preparing its city and county committee chairpersons.

The entire Party and the whole society should give active assistance to youth league work and make much effort for the education of young people.

It is the fundamental requirement of our Party's idea of attaching importance to young people to regard youth league work as part of Party work so that they can be fully aware of their original features and bloodline and steadfastly carry forward the baton of the revolution.

Only when much effort is made to train young people, the next generation of the revolution, will the patriotic blood and sweat shed by the preceding generations not come to nothing, and the future of the country become bright.

All Party organizations and officials should pay close attention and sincerity to youth league work and education of young people with the feeling of parents who bring up their children to be dignified persons.

Senior Party officials should be the first to think always about the education of young people and seek a way to its solution, and make exacting demands on departments and officials of their Party committees to render effective assistance to youth work and organize undertakings for this work purposefully.

They should be bold enough to entrust youth league organizations with large projects, fully support what these organizations conduct and assist them to achieve good results.

They should build up the ranks of youth league officials with those young people who are boundlessly faithful to the Party and have been trained through military service and field labour, encourage them to feel a higher sense of honour and pride, and resolve the problems of their future development in a responsible manner.

All Party organizations should wage an effective campaign to create model, exemplary units in Party guidance over the work of the youth league, so that its organizations can work full of vigour and substantial changes be made in the education of young people.

The Working People's Organization Department of the Party Central Committee should convert the orientation of its work into that of operations department which, regarding youth work as its utmost concern, puts forward innovative plans aimed at improving youth league work. It should also correctly control and guide the similar departments at the Party committees at all levels to bring about a turn in the style of their work.

All the people should become masters in the education of young people, and the whole society value and give prominence to them.

All the officials and working people should become educators and teachers in training young people, the future of the country, to be socialist persons possessed of the collectivist ideology, patriotism and ennobling outlook on life, and make it a social climate to give positive help for the solution of the problems arising in youth work.

Today the SPYL is faced with the honourable task for ushering in a new heyday of the Korean youth movement with this congress as a momentum.

Our Party and people expect that the millions of sons and daughters of the country will demonstrate to the world the resourcefulness and mettle of the Korean youth in their struggle to bring earlier the bright future of socialism and communism by carrying forward the baton of loyalty and patriotism bequeathed to them by the revolutionary forerunners.

I firmly believe that all youth league organizations and young people, flying proudly the flag of the SPYL, will fully perform their noble mission and duties on the historic advance towards a fresh victory in the revolution under the leadership of the Party.




North Korea Kim Jong Un
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