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If Biden wins, JCPOA will probably be renewed; U.S expert

"According to the UN and other JCPOA members, U.S does not have that right to activate snapback but the United States continues to insist on that right," an American scholar whose specialty is the Middle East told ILNA.

If Biden wins, JCPOA will probably be renewed; U.S expert

William Beeman said in an exclusive interview with ILNA news agency said that it is the philosophy of the Trump administration to press for illegal action and then be pulled back by the courts. In this case, however, there is no court that could restrict American illegal action.

Referring to the unsuccessful US attempt to extend the arms embargo on Tehran, he confirmed "Right now it looks like this will fail. But the United States keeps pressing for the extension and has a theory that the entire Security Council would have to vote against the extension for it to be canceled. We will see. The United States' theories about how the United Nations works have been wrong in the past."

The professor of anthropology at the University of Minnesota added "I hope that Joe Biden wins the presidency, and we return to sane relations with Iran. I hope U.S. Iranian relations will be normalized in my lifetime, but that just hopes on my part."

"If Joe Biden wins, JCPOA will probably be renewed or continued in some form. But there may be renegotiations with Iran on some points. For one thing, Iran would have to reduce uranium enrichment to within the parameters of the JCPOA. All of this is symbolic, of course, because Iran is still operating legally within the framework of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), which is a real treaty. The JCPOA is an "agreement.""

Answering to question about the winner of the U.S presidential election, Beeman said "American elections are really not predictable. Many Americans don't like Trump, but will vote for him anyway. He could win re-election despite the fact that the polls show him losing now."

"We now know that Trump never admits that he ever makes any mistakes, and he never apologizes. His general strategy is to double down on any criticism, so we can be afraid that he might try to launch military action against Iran in October before the election. Iran should be prepared for this," the U.S analyst worried.

He pointed to the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tries to pursue the U.S. actions against Iran, and adding that as we can all see, Pompeo tried to press the case that the United States could enact "snapback" sanctions but he fell flat on his face and was completely unsuccessful."

"All of the other parties to the JCPOA rejected his claims, and told him that the U.S. withdrawal from the JCPOA completely invalidated the United States from any power to act vis-a-vis Iran," he said.


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