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Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said on Tuesday that Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his Canadian counterpart Francois-Philippe Champagne did not raise resumption of relations in their meeting in Muscat.

The meeting in Muscat dealt with victims of the Ukrainian airplane crash, he said.

"Iranian law does not recognize dual nationality and consider victims of the air disaster Iranians and we will tackle the issue concerning the bereaved families in accordance with National Law," he said.

He complained that those expressing sympathy with the victims of the air disaster have cut their diplomatic ties with Iran just on the basis of illusions as well as under pressures by the US, as they even do not allow hundreds of thousands of Iranians to enjoy primary consular services.

Iran has on several occasions voiced readiness to set up consular division in Canada and vice versa. But the request fell on deaf ears by  the Canadian government, which concerns about the Iranian nationals at such times, Mousavi said.

Many Iranian nationals are living in Canada and they are Iranians by Law of Islamic Republic of Iran and should receive consular services, the official said.

Asked about remedies envisaged by Law for victims of the air tragedy, he said, "True that several other countries lost their nationals in the air disaster as well, but, we are the main mourners."

Iranian nation lost their loved ones due to human error and the issue of paying reparations will be pursued seriously and the issue of double nationality will never hinder the process, Mousavi said.


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